Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wolf Parade + AIDS Wolf

Stephen Guy, editor of the Slouching Towards blog which documents his various escapades and triumphs in post-Soviet Hungary and the finest former 10 Commandments bassist around, gave me the heads-up on the Wolf Parade live session at the CBC's JustConcerts website. It was recorded on November 1 of last year in Vancouver, just after their double-stint with Pink Mountaintops and recording with Modest Mouse's Herr Isaac Brock. Also, as far as I know, the release date for the SubPop debut hasn't been announced, but there's a temporary tri-continental diaspora, as Dan's in Taiwan and Spencer's touring in Europe with the Destroyer and Frog Eyes hybrid.

Also on the topic of lupids, AIDSWOLF, (featuring Montreal's premier silk-screen addicts Seripop) are in the studio today, recording.

Montreal residents, don't forget about tonight's Automatic Vaudeville spectacular at the Main Hall tonight!

Canada's most productive nerd contingent and other movers and shakers are lovingly photographed and given the opportunity to voice opinions in the 100th issue of the CBC Radio 3 webzine, including Vice's Tim Barber, the last person I voted for - the Bloc Quebecois' Gilles Duceppe, David Desjardins of Voir, Gavin McInnes' ass on a dirtbike, and others.

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