Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lauryn Hill x Maribou State

The future-garage, wobbly, bass-heavy edit of the 90s R&B hit can tend to the obnoxious most times, about as subtle as the tidal wave of lazy bMore remixes from the mid-2000s...  And Lord knows, sometimes it's just a safer way to enjoy the sacharine pop confections of yesteryear in a more contemporary format, but that's not the case with this remix, thankfully.

That said, I really wish that, given the possibilities, remixers and producers would take on lesser known songs , you know?  As much as I like this remix, it would be interesting to take something from Lauryn Hill's oeuvre that didn't resonate hit the summer charts and try to make something out of it.  I feel the same way about film remakes...  Why not take a flawed film and re-make it?  Economics, for one, I suppose. Not as easy as taking the scalpel to an immediately recognizable hit, perhaps, but more rewarding if someone could pull it off.

You can grab the Ting in Boots Volume 1 compilation that this was pilfered from courtesy of Push & Run at Fact Magazine.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Veil of the Temple

Is this man Wallace Shawn's taller brother?

In 1961, Artie Garr (BA, Art History; MMath), penned and released this wonderfully morose Everly Brothers-like song as a b-side on his first single Forgive Me.  Shortly after this, Artie would join up with then picayune Jerry Landis to become Tom & Jerry.  Shortly thereafter, they shed their goyim monikers and emerged as the greatest silken voiced duo of Semites the world has ever known since Moses & Aaron, Simon & Garfunkel.