Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hood Rat, Hood Rat, Hoochie Mama...

2 Live Crew - Hoochie Mama.mp3

I first encountered 2 Live Crew in elementary school, right about the time the group was gaining national notoriety for, uhh, being banned in Boston or something. I don't remember the details, I just remember that it was the sort of thing that corrupted youth, and being youthful, I was eager as hell to hear it. Strange that a little bit of controversy around some regional hip-hop group could result in a 8 and 9 year old kids actively seeking it out in a small town in northern British Columbia, about as far from Miami as one can get in North America without running into an eskimo. Also very strange that the Bibliotheque Nationale here in Montreal has two copies of 2 Live Crew's Greatest Hits Volume 2... (2 Volumes?)

Hoochie Mama is dirty, as expected, with references to coochies, 69s, hoodrats, hot pants, booties and all the rest... Compared to Me So Horny (the sequel of which was the embarassing satire on Presidential sexual indiscretion, Bill So Horny), this is bouncier, funnier, and definetly a fine summer track, the sampling owes a bit to Eric B. & Rakim, to my mind, too.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ridin' Dirty...

Missy Elliot vs. M-Flo - AstroDutch Mix.mp3

Los Angeles, California's Siik (thanks for Jon Meyer's jam support on this, he shoved this over my way) throws up a well-flushed out remix here, a little too cluttered for my girlfriend but dynamite to my ears.

Guillaume and I, under our nom de chanson IVORY TEMPLE were defeated soundly a couple of weeks back at the 2nd iPod Battle (the first one is held in ), not even making it past the first round. There were rumblings that our mixer didn't have any bass, so we're going to be back for the next installment, whenever that happens. Beyond my whining (I'm not a sore loser, really!), I'm encouraging you to check out what these kids are up to, because it was fun, it will be fun, and it's encouraging to see some Anglo and Franco hybridization in this city. Chroniclers of MTL nightlife, 33mtl have some pictures and videos of the whole shindig, which was held in the somewhat decrepit Union Francais building in Old Montreal.

Also on our plate, another BAILEFUNKMTL night on Sunday, June 25th at Zoobizarre, a Bmore mix from Guillaume, and an IVORYTEMPLE summer mixtape.

June 2nd Partial Playlist

Shut Up Bitch Lil' Kim
Holla At Me DJ Khaled
Muscolor ft. TTC Para One
Astrodutch (Siik Remix) Missy Elliot
I Ting (Jools MF Remix) Amerie
Gold Lion (Optimo Remix) YYYs
Wake Up Lo Fi FNK
How Do U See Me Now? Zdar
Can't Go For That PJ Pooterhoots
Everything Is Everything Phoenix
Some Indulgence The Embassy
Fa Fa Fa Datarock
Hate Fuck Mt. Sims
Star Track Rod Lee
I Love Your Smile (Bmore Remix) Shaunice
Overnight Star Flosstradamus
Bojangles Tittsworth
Take Me Noisy Bunch Remix
McNasty Filth Jaylib ft. Jay Dilla
Be Easy Ghostface Killah
Gangsta Boogie Plantlife
Gimme That Nut Eazy E
Clek Clek Boum Voltair
Son Do Braza Braza
Melo de Estudante Tetive
Baile (Sp. Rock Baile) Flosstradamus

...and then Guillaume's handwriting goes all crazy...

Broke Ass Home DJ Ayres
....? Noisy Bunch
Boss Of Me Kevin Swift
Jeffersons Tittsworth
Respect (24 Hrs) Aretha Franklin
Saian ft. RZA, Ghostface
We Got Our Own Thing (Smalltown DJs Remix) Heavy D