Monday, March 21, 2005


Tonight at KOROVA (3908 St. Laurent), DJs Dan "Manachem" Seligman and Jew Watts III (that's me) celebrate the third day before Purim starts with a Pre-Purim Party... Gobble some hamantashens... Doors @ 10:30pm, no cover.

As well, it'll be a going-away party for Guillaume Decouflet, as he returns to Paris...

As well, the POPMontreal website is up, with some minor scabs and scrapes... I've been busy on that, hence the lack of posts 'round these parts, but as Dylan "The Gambla from Nambla" Young reported in his last column in The Hour, the blog component there is ready to go, with contributions coming up from the finest French and English blowhards in the Montreal music scene...

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I wrote about the Warrior Magazine launch last week, so I'm just giving everyone in Montreal a heads up about the event... It's tonight and Jean-Richard, described by R. Simpson as "man of 6000 songs" will be performing along with Raf Katigbak's Bold Saber duo... DJing by Polish non-homosexual duo Sons of Warsaw and the pride of Concordia University, Prions en Eglise.

1845 Ontario E. Which is not sadly, Pub Jacques Cartier...
9pm-3am, $4

Friday, March 11, 2005

Into The Impossible!

We Are Wolves are launching their debut album tomorrow night, at the split-level basement hell known as Le Local Musical guests include The Demon's Claw, franco troubadour Call Me Poupée, with DJing by KinKajou, Why? Alex Why?, 1 Speed Bike, and Cherry Cola. Ladies, fret not, bathroom lineups will be cut in half, as they've rented a porta-potty for the event!
Doors @ 8:30, 7154, St-Urbain, $8...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Warrior's Newest Issue

The erudite, handsomely-designed and journal of transcendent alternative music and arts culture, Warrior Magazine, which is more developed and impressive than its youth should allow, has just received it's third issue painter Pablo Amaringo, artwork by Michael Doerksen, Matt Moroz, Andrew Taggart, Aaron Maté's article on Haiti, more missives from the San Fran Psych Underground, a morning album list from Black Mountain's Matt Camarind*, and plenty more text and uneasy pop-cultural surveillance for the slacker grad student in us all...

This Saturday, while Montrealers are busy taxi-ing and metro-ing out to Le Locale to catch the We Are Wolves CD release show, Vancouverites will be formally introduced to Warrior Magazine with a launch party at the Butchershop. Montreal residents, being a couple of time zones to the right, will celebrate along with Warrior the following Saturday, 9pm at 1845 Ontario E, with performances by Bold Saber and DJing by Sons of Warsaw & Prions en Église.

*In the interests of full disclosure, I wrote the rather convoluted introduction...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"I'm sure the new unit is going to make great items for traditional CBC audiences, but they're not going to be attracting a new audience. And now you have this whole community of freelancers [at Radio Three] who were making really interesting art and stories and editorial positions on everything from Kyoto to new music and they will be gone. They'll be picked up by new-media companies and ad agencies and the whole vision will be lost. ... The private sector is totally into this stuff now and it makes me sad that the CBC doesn't realize the gem they developed. They could carry it so much further, but that would require a vision outside of their traditional fence."
-Outgoing CBC Radio 3 head, Robert Ouimet

Carl Wilson comments today on the CBC Radio 3 re-organization, and two paragraphs in and I'm already laughing out loud over his mentions of Mitsou and Nardwuar. The loss of Brave New Waves will hit hard not only because a valuable outlet for culture will have been lost (etc. etc.), but also for those who have Patti Schmidt as a landlady, who may face both rent increases and her, boozier and grumpier than before.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Robin Simpson, Pavilion Projects guru and a hotelier's "favourite dandy", resisted the siren's call of the lucrative life of blogging for some time, until recently. Nonewnextnowwave tackles the tough as nails, back-alley milieu of contemporary art and culture, pulling no punches and slogging his way through all of the smoke n' mirrors and esoteric vocab, a tarnished sash draped about his frame... There are mp3s, too.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Jordan Robson-Cramer

Jordan Robson-Cramer, left

Jordan Robson-Cramer's had his hand in a number of honey-jars (both musical and otherwise) over the last couple years, despite being only 20. My earliest recollection of him is a 2001 performance as a precocious 15 year old, fronting a group vaguely reminescient of Sonic Youth at an outdoor summer concert in Centennial Square in Victoria. From there he improvised the music for Dilemma Dilemma's first and only release, a 3" CD proclaimed to be "better than Black Dice" by Jesse F. Keeler, now of DFA1979 fame. He also recorded Fuck Me USA's first songs in his mother's basement, played in Victoria's Short Pants Romance, and stayed with them through their transition into the watershed psychic group Lakeboat. 21st Century Fox was another solo project of his, and he's been tinkering around non-stop in basements and apartments from Victoria to Montreal (where he now resides), without any of Daniel Johnston's nasty body-odour problems or messianic complex... Despite him telling me that he was somewhat unhappy with it, and that it doesn't represent what he's interested in doing right now, I'm posting an mp3 I got from him a while back...

XY Lover - In The Skull.mp3

Witness The Return.

To start off, I'll do some catching up. Below are links to mp3s that have been missing from this sight for the past two weeks or so, indexed with links to the posts that they originally appeared in...

Black Mountain - Tyrant.mp3 Unreleased!
Pink Mountaintops - Erected.mp3


Chet - Track 1.mp3
Chet - Pillow Talk In The Flames.mp3


Sunset Rubdown - I'll Believe In Anything, You'll Believe In Anything.mp3

ORIGINAL POST ...Some supplementary information, the Sunset Rubdown album, Snakes Got A Leg, will be released by Global Symphonic on June 21st.