Tuesday, December 23, 2003

G'bye Ent-Ausserung

On Friday, January 2nd (a full day being provided to work off that hangover and memory of dancing to "Hey Ya!" (IT'S ALREADY OVER, WHITEBOY) with some UBC student) Goldkicks/Ent-Ausserung will be hosting a night of music, booze and friendly schmoozing at Pat's Pub (403 E. Hastings) in Vancouver.

PH-on-a-budget socialite Zsofia Zambo and your trusty scribe (/unemployed trendwatcher!) Jay Watts will be bidding adieu to Vancouver for the cultured and snow-covered streets of Montreal. Come and say goodbye. This will be my only opportunity to be involved in any remotely work-related holiday get-together, having quit my previous job as Office Tool to move to Vancouver to make money off of drunken indie rockers and their wretched bands. I expect to see tearful scenes and clerks who can't hold their alcohol vomiting in the smoking room.

The doors are at 9pm, of course.
The price is less than a Dynamite Combo at Ginger Sushi.
Bands will be announced closer to the date.

Other Junk

The Wooster Collective do a hell of a lot better job than I could giving you the rundown on what was worthwhile from the past 12 miserable months. I got contact lenses. That's probably pretty high on my list.

The NME reports that John Squire of the Stone Roses has a new solo album coming out, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and will be playing two shows, somewhere in England. Also, you're an idiot if you prefer the Happy Mondays to the Stone Roses.

Is this a joke perpetrated by Under the Radar magazine or something? A full-length documentary charting the tumultous 7 year relationship between the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre? "Anton’s creative psychosis takes him to the most remote areas of the human mind to find his original art, and as a result, he destroys every opportunity for financial success." The remote areas of the human mind being most easily accesible with a needle and a spoon, of course.


Monday, December 22, 2003

Finally, an update...

No, I haven't quite disappeared into the cultural and social recesses of East Van, though a bad lapse of judgement and too much mulled wine almost ended the holidays early last night.

Does anybody have the most recent issue of
Another Magazine or know where I might possibly be able to find a copy in this town? The neighbourhood newstand over on this side (which is generally pretty well-stocked) doesn't have any copies of it in, and doesn't plan on restocking it.

British creative-types who might be living in Canada, or reading this (for some reason) might want to have a look at the second Re:Creation National Creative Tour & Awards Programme being put on by the publishers of Dazed & Confused magazine. Design, photography, fashion, journalism, music, graphic design and film. There's a pdf that will tell all here.

After a whole lotta buildup, it looks like the male hustler aesthetic is here to stay. Spoon Magazine:Men

Shoplifter and secretly Jewish actress (the actress part is debatable) Winona Ryder probably won't be appearing at her lawyer's Christmas party. Ouch. Courtesy of Vogue UK

Nick Knight's ShowStudio website has updated.

As you've probably already heard if you're involved in music and live in Vancouver, editor Merek Cooper has left Discorder to return to the United Kingdom. Along with him, the longtime art editor has also "jumped ship." Rumours, unfounded or not, have it that the majority of applicants were not even remotely qualified to run the ship and the new editor doesn't favour local music coverage. Ouch. Non-functioning Discorder website

There are a number of things that I immediately don't trust. One of them is a website pertaining to fashion that uses an illustration of a woman who looks suspiciously like the aging indie rock student teacher I saw shaking her very drunk white ass to Missy Elliot songs at a party. That a photo further on into the site reveals her to be an 11 year old Midwesterner on a 1983 visit to Disneyland simply confirms my suspicions.
The Illustration
The Eleven Year Old's Funky Bio

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Goldkicks isn't as vapid as one might think. I've taken to reading the Harper's Magazine webpage for their excellent weekly review, which reports that "Physicists speculated that tiny exploding black holes are raining down on the earth", "the largest known prime number was discovered" and "in Albany, New York, a hair stylist's hair burst into flame while she was standing next to a gas pump."

There's also an excellent article by Thomas Frank (of the Baffler) on Social Insurance fuckery by the private sector that's interesting even if you don't happen to live in New Jerusalem, or whatever they're calling that nation to the north of Mexico now.

Harper's Magazine


Part-time bartender and out-on-the-town photographer (with work that rivals the finest of the Paper Magazine staff) Jenn is slowly progressing towards an update on her site, as well as the release (zeut alors!) of a z-z-z-zine. Zine? I think I recall those, they were like photocopied blogs, correct?



One hopes that upon my return to Vancouver next year, that Vancouver Fashion Week will have been hijacked by some of the designers and fashion people in this city that have a clue about what's going on, and aren't trying to anticipate Shania Twain's wardrobe for the next year. Good God!

Aesthetically Repellent Slideshows

Carey Mercer Humidifier+Vodka Combination Commercialized...

Dominic Simler, 30 years old, a managing director at 02Live (a corporation that sells Oxygen Terminals), and probably one hell of an alcoholic, has invented a device called AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid). The device allows the user to mix alcohol and pure oxygen, getting the user drunk immediately and according to him, nixxing any hangover. To send us one of these as an early Christmas present, e-mail us!

Phil Hogan of the Observer Magazine comments
Creepy Social Engineering Corp O2Live's site

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Spring 2004 Collections
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this is a month and a half late, but it isn't spring yet, is it?

PaperMag's Spring 2004 Collection overview is, of course, more entertaining for the off-runway shots of MadMax gayboys, pampered toddlers, creepy old dames, and Natasha Lyonne with some Rufus Wainwright lookalike on her arm (coincedentally, her roommate), but the Miho-Miho stuff looks damn cute, too. House of Diehl, though? Come on!


Missing teeth and it wasn't Vincent Gallo?

photos from papermag and chloesevigny.com

It seems that Chloe Sevigny knocked out four of her teeth while rough-housing with Matt Damhave (formerly of Imitation of Christ - before the acrimonious split with Tara Subkoff). The tumble was blamed on her Balenciaga boots.

Let it be noted that this whole falling trend had its origins amongst the young n' down of Vancouver, with earlier season teeth-damaging tumbles by Kayla Guthrie, Sarah Phillips and Hana MacDonald setting the standard.

Washington Times article

This Week's Soundtrack...

  • Hurricane #1 s/t

  • James Brown Sings Raw Soul

  • David Bowie Low

  • The Stone Roses s/t

  • Slim Gaillard

Are you anywhere?

Recovering quite well after a long and enjoyable weekend. Minimal liver damage, thanks. This week in Vancouver, there's a Wednesday night improv featuring members of Baron Samedi, Esq. at the Sugar Refinery (one of the last, as the Sugar Refinery is shutting down due to LCB restrictions at the end of this year), the Butter Magazine Launch Party on Thursday night, the Zeus/My Project:Blue show at Pat's Pub on Saturday night, as well as another Casbah! night at the Piccadilly Pub on the same night with GangBang, The Countless Jibes and The Ewoks.

The Western Front is not a Western Canadian crypto-fascist seperatist group, but instead an artist-run centre here in Vancouver that publishes the Front Magazine, and "is dedicated to the production, exhibition, and promotion of contemporary art." Other projects from these fine people on 8th Avenue include the Luxe performance space, and (strangely enough) a cardio-vascular conditioning class that runs four days a week. Uhh, yeah.

Western Front Artist-Run Centre Site

Friday, December 05, 2003

Vancouver Weekend Schedule

  • Xeno Gallery opening
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah - check out the program from the last exhibit "Up From The Suburbs"
  • Pat's Pub Masquerade (403 E. Hastings)
  • Paper Lanterns, Channels 3+4

  • One For One show
  • at Misanthropy
  • Pat's Pub(403 E. Hastings)
  • Lakeboat w/ guests
  • CBC Radio 3
  • keeping you company after the weekend booze-up...

img courtesy franz ferdinand website

It took a while, but Franz Ferdinand have finally put an mp3 up on their website to satiate all of us this side of the Atlantic who've been listening to BBC Radio streams hoping to catch one of their tracks, or have been too irritated by Kazaa pop-ups and auto-installed programs...

Franz Ferdinand Official Site
Darts of Pleasure mp3

Thursday, December 04, 2003

At 3:47 on a Thursday morning, this seems like the best way to wittle away the hours before the sun rises.

Sveriges Radio "Let Them Sing It For You" (Thanks to Chris Clark for the link!)

This baffling game finishes a respectable second...

Sveriges Radio "
I radions stora Grammofonarkiv finns det massor med skivor, men de ramlar ur hyllorna hela tiden... Hjälp Blåvargen att fånga alla skivorna!

This Is A Magazine should be releasing their newest issue sometime this month. A couple of issues back work by SFAUSTINA caught my eye, and I recently found out that he publishes an online magazine called Bloodwars... The most recent issue was published in November, but it looks like he's running it as a monthly...

In an interview with Introducing..., he said that Bloodwars' "focus is fill ins, outlines, tagging, bombing, combined with aspects of graphic design and other elements" he finds stimulating.

This Is A Magazine


It's a little out of our jurisdiction, but this Friday in Calgary the Visuel people are putting on the L'Hiver show. If you're in possession of either a reliable Cessna or an unused Westjet ticket, it might be an idea to check it out... (Any mysterious white substance circulating around the party is probably not what you're expecting. I believe the locals call it "snow".)

Friday, December 5th
8pm / $10
816-11 Ave SW


New Oasis album?

Surely I'm not the only one who cares about this (Discorder writer Kim Day, too?), but Oasis are set to head into the studio next month to work with Tim Holmes and Richard Fearless, Death In Vegas producers... I'm hoping for an Andy Bell-penned song to appear on it...

Oasis Official Page


The Unicorns have been added on to some more dates with Hot Hot Heat for the month of December, including a Friday, December 12th date at Club Soda in Montreal... All this constant touring for HHH begs the question, where do they find the time to write songs for an album that's rumoured to be being recorded in the New Year?

Hot Hot Heat Official Site
The Unicorns Official Site

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Yeah, we've been gushing over the new album, playing it in bars and cars for the past couple weeks... He's already played in Montreal, and will be performing with his sister Martha here in Vancouver...

Saturday, December 13... w/ Martha Wainwright @ The Vogue Theatre
Tickets through Ticketmaster

Rufus Wainwright official site
Montreal Mirror Interview

Misanthropy Gallery One of One Show

Butter Magazine and Pigeon are sponsoring a one-night exhibit of one-off custom screen printed t-shirts at the Misanthropy Gallery this Saturday that we'll be checking out, if only to see what Katie Piasta's got in the show! Other contributors include Matt Aiken, Aurora Borealis, Fighting Happy Accidents, Progetto, Aurel Schmidt, and Amy Sky.

Saturday, December 6th
440 W. Pender (Rear Entrance)
Vancouver, BC

Misanthropy Gallery

Xeno Art Gallery Opening (Vancouver)

One of Vancouver's most interesting fashion/art hybrid multi-faceted org.s is hosting a free booze up and exhibition opening for local artist Osvaldo Yero's "Herafter" this Friday... (I will not substantiate rumours that there's some sort of Che Guevera imagery associated with this. Send us photos and virulent diatribes against the sorry state of Vancouver's visual arts scene!)

Friday, December 5th...
@ DADABASE 183 East Broadway (Main & Broadway)
8pm-? / Free / DJing by mygayhusband! / Window performance: "Tommy" by Irene Laughlin

Dadabase Site
Xeno Gallery Site

Still waiting for an update from Victoria design/graff-ista Mel on her page!


CBC Radio 3 Associate Producer and Ewoks member Mar Sellars, fresh from her European escape, is fishing for tales n' for a future Radio 3 broadcast. The possibility that Smugglers frontman Grant Lawrence (pictured to the left of Elijah Wood) will introduce your fable is far too appealing...

*Road Trips
Sometimes all you can do is get as far away as

*Worst Moment At A Bad Job
The things we do for money.

*The Customer
Tales from the front lines of restaurants and

they just need to be personal stories, funny, not-
funny, interesting, etc... unfortunately since we
record these on mini disc you basically have to
live in either vancouver, toronto, or winnipeg so
everyone else sorry if you have good stories.
PLEASE GET BACK TO ME! And then you can tell your
mom you were on CBC!

CBC Radio 3 site

Non-waspish Canadian bands update...

Far be it from me to exercise any nationalist flag-waving, consider this a reminder that not all of the Canadian musical landscape is dominated by cold-porridge Constantines (and knockoffs), incestuous and flaccid Godspeed! relations, or the bedwetting perversity of Mint Records groups...

The Barcelona Pavillion BBC Radio One heartthrobs and Torontonian billingualists. This has to be tongue-in-cheek... They are from Toronto, though.
Wolf Parade Montreal group with Victorian ex-pats (from Atlas Strategic, Blue Pine).
The Orphan Vancouver psych/space-rock without the unnecessary guitar wanking and with the dreamy tremolo vocals... Members of Destroyer, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Sinoia Caves.
The Unicorns You've already read everything you need to know about on the Pitchforkmedia website.
Jerk With A Bomb From morose crooners to stoned, irony-free rock powerhouse. Hawkwind, but not stupid. From Vancouver.

Toronto photographer (and friendster addict) Konrad Junikiewicz chronicles and occasionally validates the waspish hipsters of Toronto.

Konrad J site

Vancouver's favourite free fashionista rag is hosting another party... This time it's a fundraiser? Strut magazine is stealing advertising revenue? Will this next issue feature Vice-style lifestyle reportage and drunk party pics?

Thursday, December 11th - Merry butter magazine fundraiser/winter 2003/04 issue launch party
Come see the:
Art by Beer Bench Gospel
and listen/dance to:
Live Music by MC Illa Brown and Eric Neilsen and the Butter Boys w/ Dj Abel
Dj's Wilson Hart (Soul Good) and Eric Devereux
Thursday December 11
1565 West 7th Ave (between granville & fir), Vancouver, BC
Doors 8:30pm till late
Cover $10

Butter Magazine Site

Yes indeed, after two years of drinking yourself through college, burning through the trust fund, and maintaining a digital photo website of your friends passed out and grinding it to bad hip-hop, could there be anything more thrilling and validating than the self-propelling volunteerism of an internship at some cutting-edge publication? Look at the photo! Vice Magazine! Computers, chubby, balding old guys, unopened boxes, swivelling chairs! "Mom! I proof-read an article on sexually loose disabled people today!"

Goldkicks would be more than willing to have any keeners endure our lengthy screening process for a coveted internship here. You're buying the cigarettes! E-mail us at ent_ausserung@hotmail.com

NY TIMES: The Intern As Hipster

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Vancouver hipster brats - Your weekend agenda...
Friday, December 5th - Basement Sweets w/ guests - Emily Carr Student something or other. Cheap booze, cheap door, cheap people.
Saturday, December 6th - Lakeboat w/ guests - Victoria's acid rock historians and ruffians perform an inspired set of psychrock...

Radio Berlin is just about to embark on their westcoast tour... Friendsters will be made, music will be played and new slang invented.

DEC 04 Portland OR Millions w/COBRA HIGH
DEC 05 Eugene OR Samarai Duck's    
DEC 06 San Francisco CA The Tenderloft    
DEC 07 Los Angeles CA Koo's Cafe w/ RACEBANNON  
DEC 08 Goleta CA Hard To Find Place w/ KISSING TIGERS  
DEC 09 Los Angeles CA Spaceland w/ THE PROSAICS  
DEC 10 Phoenix AZ Modified w/ OTHER VOICES  
DEC 11 Albuquerque NM Burt's Tiki Lounge      
DEC 13 Denver CO Climax Lounge w/ THE PRIDS, BLACK BLACK OCEAN 
DEC 14 Fort Collins CO Surfside w/ VOICES UNDERWATER  
DEC 15 Salt Lake City UT Kilby Court w/ QUIETUS, ON VIBRATO

Official Site

One night of drinking and sashimi with Jen and I'm left feeling that there has at least been a minor victory in Vancouver against the overwhelming power and wealth of the Scientologists.

Fox Television proves, once again, that they're the only network not afraid to take a close look at class issues in America, airing "The Simple Life" tonight at 8:30.
FOX website

Bored Canadian hipsters now have somewhere to discuss the new boring Canadian bands. 20hz.ca

Martin Amis is in North America, promoting his new novel, Yellow Dog. Globe & Mail

Monday, December 01, 2003

Any tasteful and intellectually-inclined giftgiver should consider purchasing a Purple Magazine subscription for a loved one this month, lest they be seen leafing through recent issues at a library...

Purple Magazine Subscriptions

Lucienne and I capitulated, purchasing gut-ravaging snacks (orange soda pop, plain potato chips, and gummy bears), but vindicated ourselves by renting, and watching, the 2001 Jean-Luc Godard film, In Praise Of Love earlier tonight. The film surprised me for a number of reasons, and not simply because Godard managed to subdue his usual paranthetical obsession with asides for a more conversational and French tone, but also because Godard (though never known as a practictioner of subtlety) didn't make any attempts to mask his contempt for Steven Speilberg and tied it so perfectly in with American ahistorical cultural cannibalism in a concise and devestating scene in the second segment of the film. The colours in the second segment are particularly startling, and brings to mind a statement made by Robert Altman that cinema should ideally be more akin to painting than literature.

Official Site
Salon.com hated it
The Globe & Mail

Recent Music Purchases
Al Green - MusicClub Collection... Liner notes by Mojo staffwriter.
Rufus Wainwright - Want One... Devestating and excessively orchestrated. Baroque, but melancholic.
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down... Still absorbing.

Ent-Ausserung Vancouver is being left in the capable hands of the undeniably capable Dan Colussi, and I'm off to Montreal as of January 3rd, 2004 to repeat the failures of those who went before me.