Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Still waiting for an update from Victoria design/graff-ista Mel on her page!


CBC Radio 3 Associate Producer and Ewoks member Mar Sellars, fresh from her European escape, is fishing for tales n' for a future Radio 3 broadcast. The possibility that Smugglers frontman Grant Lawrence (pictured to the left of Elijah Wood) will introduce your fable is far too appealing...

*Road Trips
Sometimes all you can do is get as far away as

*Worst Moment At A Bad Job
The things we do for money.

*The Customer
Tales from the front lines of restaurants and

they just need to be personal stories, funny, not-
funny, interesting, etc... unfortunately since we
record these on mini disc you basically have to
live in either vancouver, toronto, or winnipeg so
everyone else sorry if you have good stories.
PLEASE GET BACK TO ME! And then you can tell your
mom you were on CBC!

CBC Radio 3 site

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