Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Are you anywhere?

Recovering quite well after a long and enjoyable weekend. Minimal liver damage, thanks. This week in Vancouver, there's a Wednesday night improv featuring members of Baron Samedi, Esq. at the Sugar Refinery (one of the last, as the Sugar Refinery is shutting down due to LCB restrictions at the end of this year), the Butter Magazine Launch Party on Thursday night, the Zeus/My Project:Blue show at Pat's Pub on Saturday night, as well as another Casbah! night at the Piccadilly Pub on the same night with GangBang, The Countless Jibes and The Ewoks.

The Western Front is not a Western Canadian crypto-fascist seperatist group, but instead an artist-run centre here in Vancouver that publishes the Front Magazine, and "is dedicated to the production, exhibition, and promotion of contemporary art." Other projects from these fine people on 8th Avenue include the Luxe performance space, and (strangely enough) a cardio-vascular conditioning class that runs four days a week. Uhh, yeah.

Western Front Artist-Run Centre Site

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