Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ex-Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen will be performing tomorrow night at the Spectrum. Tickets might be sold out, or at least getting there, so get on that. My roommate and I will be spinning records tonight at the Kill Him Hide The Body Dance-Dance Revolution DJ Competition at Saphir tonight. We've got the final slot (2am-3am), but there are drink specials and tomorrow is a statutory holiday. Yes. Even for Seperatists and Bloc Quebecois voters. Come down after the Death From Above show at El Salon.

Wolf Parade are re-pressing their 4 song EP, I hear. Savvy individuals will take the time to visit their local record shop and gather up any copies of the old self-pressed EPs to sell on E-Bay. Tour dates with Modest Mouse to be announced, soon as well.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Arcade Fire Release

Montreal's Arcade Fire have just released their first 7" on Merge Records. The Arcade Fire betray their draft-dodging Yankee past by preferring the American spelling of "neighbourhood" over the Canadian for the title. The A-side is "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" which is also the first track on their forthcoming album "Funeral," which will be made available by Merge for pre-order on September 3rd. The B-side is a 1940 recording of Win Butler's grandfather Alvino Rey leading the Alvino Rey Orchestra as they perform "My Buddy."

The distinct and striking artwork is by Montreal artist and Cafe X curator Tracy Maurice.

There are still copies of AF's self-released CDEP floating about, including some currently in the hands of Merge Records - it would be in your best interest to get your hand on a copy of that, as none of the songs will appear on the upcoming album.


Former Montreal resident and unparalleled creative force Suhrid has just launched his weekly MP3J blog AUM SUPREME, which I suspect any of you reading will be interested in, regardless of any imploring on my part. There's a detailed entry on past Montreal no-wavers DA BLOODY GASHES. Yessir.

The duo of Sarah Swash & Toshio Yamanaka are SWASH, winners of the Grand Prize in this spring's 19th Annual Festival International des Arts de la Mode (they collaborated with Japanese multi-talented illustrator Yuko Kondo (Kozyndan whooooooo?)) with their houndstooth vs. contemporary graffiti-influenced illustration designs are impressing me, and confounding me - when the hell will I be able to get my hands on their stuff? Their website teases...


Woke up this morning and read the second page editorial in the Globe & Mail: maybe it was the early hour or my lack of sleep, but where the hell has the author been hanging out?

That this experience has profoundly turned Canadians off was evident Saturday when, on a welcome free day, I drove up the coast, stopping at various White Spots and Tim Hortons and doing nothing but eavesdropping -- and never once hearing "the most important election in Canadian history" mentioned. Roy MacGregor

Hmmm, despite the fact that now living in Quebec, I'm now deprived of any small sliver of hope that my vote for an NDP candidate might result in a seat for her/him (and hence, am voting Bloc Quebecois! Really.), this seems like one hell of an interesting election, as Paul Martin makes little mention of what really makes him qualified to run this country - his damn astonishing manuveuring and orchestrating and record as Finance Minister - and runs in disguise as a traditional NDP candidate (the likes of which the NDP spent trying to distance themselves from under Alexa McDonough's dismal leadership)... Jack Layton's (middle initial "U") campaign has also had a profound impact on the revival of the non-ironic moustache. My friend Nick, sporting one inspired by the feisty former Toronto city councillor, has commented on an increased feminine interest in it, just as the campaign draws to a close. Gilles Duceppe's hypnotic icy stare has entranced me - I'm voting for the man, as well as other Anglos in Quebec - and he doesn't seem to be hurt by last week's article in the Globe & Mail by La Presse columnist what's-her-name that revealed he used to be a radical Maoist. (Hey, I spent grade 9 as a deeply committed Anarcho-Syndicalist.) Stephen Harper bears a strong resemblance to a kid in high school that my friends and I used to refer to as "Just-Fished-Out-Of-The-River" - the pale complexion, his ghastly hair. Anybody who thinks Stephen Harper has a "hidden agenda" is parroting a rather empty phrase that's been repeated far too often in newspapers and on television programs and hasn't paid attention to conservative politics for the past ten years or so, since the Reform Party appeared on the political radar in this country. Jesus Christ! Of course they're all from fucking Alberta! (Great letter in today's Globe & Mail about how 'Western Alienation' is usually code for "Alberta's Complaints" and disregards the three other distinctly different provinces that count as Canada's West)

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Your next couple of days will be busy... Mike Skinner (The Streets) is performing tonight at Club Soda - expect more of the university backpack crowd than true hip-hop fans, which is a crying shame, considering the considerable production and lyrical skills that Skinner has and showcases on his sophomore album "A Grand Don't Come For Free." Pseudo-Humanistic whiteboy garage/hip hop (from Britain!) that isn't over-intellectual NYU collegeboy rap or shockingly misogynistic? Damn!

Recent Merge Records signees, hometown favourites and the hottest members-might-be-Mormons group since Low, the Arcade Fire are performing at the oft-maligned venue El Salon on Sunday. Which makes me think that maybe they're not Mormons, unless Mormons are like Seventh Day Adventists, and have Saturday as their Sabbath. Anyone?

Bearded creepy folk guy who isn't Will Oldham but may be Christian: Iron & Wine on Monday night. Be prepared to fall asleep standing up. Maybe somebody will tip you. Ya know, like a cow.

Local electro-gothixx hype-atrons Duchess Says (think the Vanishing, with less kitsch or creepier Bauhaus with more electronics) are at Foufounes Electriques on Tuesday.

JFK's fucked up crunky bass n' drums assault, Death From Above will be performing along with Palm Picture's (label home to Moving Units) The Fever and Montreal's pseudo-DAF, We Are Wolves on Wednesday to round out a pretty damn good month for shows.

Tonight! Saturday, June 26th The Streets @ Club Soda
Sunday, June 27th Arcade Fire @ El Salon
Monday, June 28th Iron & Wine, Langtry @ La Sala Rossa
Tuesday, June 29th - Duchess Says, Eva Stone & Defectve Toy @ Foufounes Electriques $8adv/$10door
Wednesday, June 30th Death From Above, Fever, We Are Wolves @ El Salon

Thanks for the mp3 requests! Keep on sending them in & I'll send some out on Monday when I get back to my work comp!

Friday, June 25, 2004



I am very sorry, for my past posts have been self promo.

I haven't really gone out much, so I haven't even been up on what's going on. I missed that event and this event. I even gave up my ticket to J-live awhile back. There's always some random skaters house to feel well rested at, smoking "kron" and listening to bad freestyle sessions. Victoria is so dead.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hey all, sorry for the recent departure from the internet, but I ended up stabbing myself in the hand while trying to remove an avocado seed and haven't felt up to one-handed posting. That's why the e-mails haven't been responded to, either! Sorry!

I imagine you're gearing up for the pre-Fete Nationale booze-fest - stocking up on acidic Quebecois wine, painting a fleurs-de-lis on your cheek, wondering why the hell there's no Mile End St. Jean Baptiste party this year (oooh cmon, you all read the Mirror, you know why)... I've heard that there's some hobo equivalent bonfire at the train tracks as well as an event at Greenland Productions new space, the Mile End Cultural Centre (just above the Green Room). DJs and stuff, ya know?

Touring indie vaudevillians The Perpetual Motion Roadshow will be stopping in Montreal tonight at Zeke's Gallery (3955 St. Laurent). Local author (and neighbour!) Michelle Sterling will be reading along with accompaniement by Newfoundland and Labradorian Musicologist Steven Guy. Others, too, like Jasmine Wagner and authors Frank Duff and Nick Mamatas. Doors are at 7:30 and it's $4.

I've been hoarding away some summer song mp3s - if you've got a gmail account (or something that can accomodate mp3s), send me a message at with a little greeting and I'll send you something balmy and bouncy, like that backyard summer barbecue in that Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff video.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Montreal. Saturday.

People who experience music outside of their PC speakers should check out this on Saturday night... Soundway Records compiler and proprietor Miles Cleret will be spinning Afrobeat, Funk, Highlife, etc. records with DJ Andy Williams to celebrate the release of his most recent compilation of 70's Nigerian Afrorock/Afrobeat, "Afro Baby." You Montreal kids better not sleep on this, because while you might think it all has the whiff of patchouli about it, (AND DEVANDRA BARNHARDT DOESN'T, YOU BASTARDS?) by August I'm going to see you moving your lame white asses to it like you did to "Hey Ya" for way too damn long last year. THIS EVENT IS AT SALON DAOME. It's $10.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Friday & Saturday: Montreal

The fine folks at Greenland had a bit of trouble getting their new venue (the Mile End Cultural Centre) completed before the opening last night, and because I desperately wanted to jog around a park listening to Montreal's pitiful classic rock station (97.7FM - at least they broadcast Little Steven's Underground Garage program), I unfortunately wasn't able to check out the space, which is another welcome addition to the growing number of venues in this city (Cafe Silencio in St. Henri and El Salon, for example)...

Tonight I'll be checking out the Panurge show at Le Swimming. Tomorrow night, there's a Calvin Johnson Carnival at El Salon (St. Laurent) hosted by killhimhidethebody that will explain more about the mystique of the passionate and gentle soul of the baritoned Olympian musical figure than the "Shield Around the K" film of a couple of years back... As well, Vancouver's premiere semi-dreary and dour post-punk/new-wave outfit, The Organ will be performing at Cafe Campus with openers Marlowe.

Friday Night
The Organ @ Cafe Campus (57 Prince Arthur St E) w/ Marlowe
Calvin Johnson Carnival (w/ The Antiques, Malajube) @ El Salon (St. Laurent)

On Saturday, there's a "Fetes des Peres" craft bazaar at Cafe Esperanza running from 11am to 6pm that begins with a brunch special and features astonishing sculpted creations by Atlas Strategic alumni Steve Simard. That night, closet Yes fans who'll only admit to a "heavy psych" fetish will be enjoying The Besnard Lakes at Casa Del Popolo.

COOL CRAFTS FOR DAD BAZAAR @ Cafe Esperanza (5490 St. Laurent)
The Besnard Lakes, The Absent Sound, Mahogny Frog @ Casa Del Popolo

Anyone going down to the Siren Festival in the middle of July?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Ooooooh, apologies for not updating this thing in far too many days - I gave myself a haircut and I've been investigating the link(s) between grapefruit-based mixed drinks and hangovers.

I Bought Some Records Yesterday
Some simply because they were at a thrift store...

  • Cat Stevens "Teaser & The Firecat"

  • Cat Stevens "Buddha & The Chocolate Box"

  • Dream Academy "s/t"

  • The Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks"

  • Edwin Starr "Contact" b/w "Working Song"

  • The Meters "Fire On The Bayou"

  • War "The World Is A Ghetto"

  • Pink Floyd "Saucerful of Secrets"

  • Sugarhill Gang "Rapper's Delight"

  • The Fader's Music Issue is out on stands right now, and it's a remarkably well-written and well-put together issue this time around... I bought it yesterday afternoon and read it cover to cover by this morning. In it: a David Byrne/Caetano Velosa duel interview (conducted by Arto Lindsay, of all damn people), an interview with pseudo-Afrobeat group ChinChin, on article on the sock-wearing and sedate members of the Portland music scene, a piece on Mahjong (whom Dan and I had lined up to play our September 11th Freedom Jamboree in Victoria in 2002, but who couldn't make it across the border), a beautifully photographed travelogue about Brazil and a maxed out funk-derivation known as favela, and a profile on Montreal's own Pony Up!, who performed on Saturday night at Fringepop. Unfortunately, author Elliot Aronow missed the boat on Wolf Parade, only making brief mention of a group that will prove far more important and lasting (okay, okay, I'm a bit biased) to the Montreal music scene (and beyond), and especially bizarre considering the cathartic live-show the author witnessed at Spencer and Haji's loft. Hmm. Let's just assume that he's priming Fader readers for an interview with the lupids next issue.

    Thursday, June 17 Panurge/The Hooks/PDQ @ Le Swimming, $3, 9:30pm

    Vancouver's Panurge (shimmering summer pop from Canada's dreary left coast on Nettwerk Records) perform at Le Swimming this Thursday. They'll be on at 11:30pm or so. I've been promised scotch.

    Friday, June 11, 2004

    FringePop Day 1

    World Famous Riflemen, Les Mods, Fantasy

    With rumours circulating about PonyUp forcing a member to have her teeth replaced or capped or replaced with crunky ODB-style gold ones, about PopMontreal's Communication Guru disappearing on a red-eye flight to Connecticut on Wednesday with a controversial and possibly anti-Semitic t-shirt, as well as about PopMontreal head Dan Seligman's recent conversion to either Leonard Cohen-style Zen Buddhism or joining a group of boots-n-braces skins, the PopMontreal-curated portion of the Fringe Festival began. Yes, I hate theatre-people, too.

    There were a couple of issues with the FringePop portion of the Fringe Festival even prior to the bands taking the stage - firstly, the Condo Association representing the residents next door to the park had negotiated a 90db limit on sound (which, despite it being a rock show, is relatively fair - exposure to 90db results in hearing loss over a 7-8 hour period - after that, the period is cut in half with every increase of 5db) and secondly, none of the larger acts asked to initially perform at the opening of the Fringe panned out - Buck 65, formerly known as both Stinkin' Rich and Richard Tefry, either wasn't available or didn't like negotiating with theatre-hippies. (Other possibilities: The Dears, Wolf Parade) Thankfully the organizers don't appear to be Hour fans, and the fourth-rate Le NY Dolls coverband, Poxy, weren't offered the opening night slot.

    I arrived late, having missed both the opening set by the World Famous Riflemen and Les Mods (they of the rapidly rising chart-position at the UQAM station) after attempting to negotiate myself through the heavily-perfumed swarms on lower St. Laurent. The lanky fellow with the moustache and longer hair who plays in this group and who I've spotted at Korova (occasionally) plays in this group, he described the group as "shit."

    Impending Pendantry!

    Adam and I drank a couple of plastic cups of St. Ambroise (OFFICIAL SPONSOR) beer, smoked cigarettes and hung out as Fantasy set up. Immediately repressed memories of wretched East Van house-parties came flowing back as Fantasy began playing, opening with a rather mundane by-the-book take on Olivia Newton John's "Physical." Devo, Human League, Eurythmics, Survivor, blecht. It's not just that there's something terribly wrong with irony and music being chained together and forced to fuck, it's that they've been fucking for far too long and the stench is beginning to set into my clothes. People seemed to enjoy them - the familiar list of 80's songs performed along with a cadre of aerobics buffs led by a slightly obnoxious (wooooooah, really?) woman in a leotard and leg-warmers. I may have enjoyed it more had I known these people, had the sight of my seemingly prosaic friends come alive and strutting around a stage, high-kicking and growling along to karoake, slightly tipsy warmed my heart and made me appreciate their good natured sense of humour. The soundguy, for his part, seemed to be playing along, and though I don't know if that was an ironic fanny pack or an ironic ponytail on his part, I know that by the reverb he put on the snare drum microphone, his heart was in the right place.

    Before leaving the stage, Fantasy admonished us to visit their website and to keep an eye out for performances every Tuesday and Thursday during the month of July, because as is common knowledge, a bad joke, repeated again and again, eventually becomes hilarious. I'll be checking out the performers tonight, including self-proclaimed (and therefore, nancy-boy wussie Phil Collins-lovers) Postal Service fans, Statue Park. Shame!

    I should note that there was an error on the scheduling in the post below, which has now been fixed.

    6pm Andrea Revel
    7pm Statue Park
    8pm ?Alice!

    Thursday, June 10, 2004

    Jenn Wong's interview with Vancouver's uber-aphrodisiac supergroup Pink Mountaintops(members of Baron Samedi, E.S.Q.; Radio Berlin, and Black Mountain), in which interviewer lies to interviewee and proclaims her appreciation of the Suicidegirls website. Album out on Jagjaguwar now...

    "This city is brimming with unbelievable originality and a plethora of eager, talented musicians and bands... ha!"

    Bolshe-Slu... Ne'ermind.

    There are a lot of disturbing questions to be asked about the photos on this site (submitted by Adam Benzan) which features the Russian National Bolshevik Party's Combat girlfriends, such as - with the popularity of such seemingly disparate pairings as pasty-faced indie kids and pornography (Suicide Girls, SuperCult, FrictionUSA et al.) are the seemingly puritanical Leftist stalwarts still hanging about re-appropriating elements of the dominant ideology (pseudo-exploitative cheesecake photographs, ironic racist jokes)? And also, aren't these "Combat Girlfriends" all 13 years old? Who cares, Russia's fucked. Marx knew that.

    Consider it Port Morris (or West Chelsea? I can't keep up) to the Plateau's Williamsburg, St. Henri, formerly home to saddlemakers and leather goodsmen and Oscar Peterson, has been experiencing the familiar trend of economic stagnation followed by hipster migration... Come witness first-hand the invasive Dionysian slumming rituals of slovenly Bohemia and be able to say you hung out before loft rents were in the four-digit range.

    Friday June 11 2004
    Cafe Silencio (3645 Notre-Dame Ouest - close to Lionel Groulx metro)
    9 pm / $5

    No, No, Not Vinos!

    File this in the "Corporate Shilling In Hopes of A Sponsorship Deal" file... After being unavailable for 18 years, Vespas will finally be sold in Canada by The Canadian Scooter Corporation. The 2004 Vespa ET2s (that's the 50cc, 2 Stroke scooter) are now available in Canada at dealerships in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal, while the more sizable (150cc, 4 stroke) ET4s will arrive soon enough, possibly within 2 weeks and after that the Granturismos (200cc).

    Vespa Montreal is located at 5155 De Sorel.

    Wednesday, June 09, 2004


    Binge Drinking, How Novel...

    July 1st - July 6th

    Jenn Wong, of the (lesser-updating) Goldkicks Vancouver Bureau and Cindy-Adams-On-Bennies will be visiting the (far-more-boring) Goldkicks Montreal Bureau next month for a week of biking, dancing, mocking, shopping and boozing. As Quebec has one of the most substantial selections of 40 Ouncers available, we've both pledged to work our way through one of every 40 that we can get our grubby little hands on, in the process inadvertently plagiarising some intrepid college student's webpage that one of us probably spotted a couple of years ago. Digital camera photos! Hilarity! Hipster self-loathing! Alcohol Poisoning! July 2nd or 3rd Goldkicks party! Details to follow!

    The Golden Stream of Summer

    Last night, around 8:30 (on the way to catch "Bande A Part" at Cinema Du Parc) on Ave du Pins... Two crust-punks ask for a cigarette in French, I say "je suis desoleil" and hear them mumble something about "best to look left..." Michelle, Tracy and I head into the intersection and spot one crust-punk, pants down, squatting and urinating on the sidewalk... (Heavy French-Canadian Accent) "OH FUCK LOOK AT ZIS GIRL SHE IS PEEING OH THAT IS SO DIGUSTING, HANH?!?!" She gets up and, pants around knees, begins to walk over to the other side of the street where residents are standing in front of their homes, trying to ignore her.

    After the initial shock of watching an anti-authoritarian type take on the whole corrupt Judeo-Christian system of mores n' what not, I was reminded of a lovely bickering crust-punk couple that divided their time between the various storefronts of a two block area of Commercial Drive, downing cans of Colt 45 and yelling at each other. A delightful pair that I only saw seperated once. The couple had got in a disagreement about something, and finally a police officer came and took the Crustette from the Cruster, who proclaimed loudly and repeatedly "I FUCKING LOVE THAT BITCH, MAN!" Moments later, I walked past the spot again and saw Cruster sharing a Colt 45 with an older companion, bemoaning his loss. Happily enough, the couple was reunited and on the block the next day.

    I'm sorry. I haven't updated enough. I've been scavenging through record stores and jogging around Parc La Fontaine until my body temperature exceeds healthy levels and I achieve some sort of transcendent state. The new Vanity Fair, despite David Beckham cover, has some great pieces on former exterminator Tom Delay, The Hitch's take on the Paleo vs. Neo Conservative civil war, the Women of George W. Bush (no "Condoleeza The Sleaza" centerfold, sadly), Richard Clarke and an amusing little article on jet-set excess in St. Tropez in which (as the author points out) Simon Le Bon establishes himself as the voice of moderation.

    Also, I heard a bit on CBC Radio yesterday about the impending July housing crisis, err... crunch. The City of Montreal has setup a hotline for renters that will be in operation next week as well as preparing temporary shelters for people left without a place by the time July 1st rolls around. I'll grab a link later. The vacancy rate is a solid 1%, which is actually higher than I ever recall it being during my years in Victoria.

    Recently Purchased...
    Ohio Players "First Impressions"
    The O'Jay's "Greatest Hits"
    Charles Hilton Brown "Owed To Myself"
    Kurtis Blow "The Breaks"
    V/A "Pop In Paris V.3"
    The Pretty Things "SF Sorrow"
    !!! "Louden Up Now"
    6 Finger Satellite "Weapon"
    Tony Allen "Jealousy/Progress"
    Fela Kuti "Upside Down"

    I'm going to delve into the realm of politics here and mention that OptimusCrime's Election posts are some fantastic blogging - swell links, good researching and the witty comments one demands from a site that makes the workday all that more tolerable.

    Go see the Cocteau exhibit.


    Washington, DC's new-wave/kraut-rock perform in Montreal with fellow Thrill Jockey artist (and Beck-On-A-Budget) Bobby Conn... According to what I've read, this will be their final tour and thus your last chance to squeal for "Play in the Summer" from "Red Line."

    Trans Am, Bobby Conn, Les Dokteurs @ Cabaret Music Hall (2111 St. Laurent)


    Recently wed West Coast indie-pop power duo Geneviève Castrée (former Montrealer, too) and Phil Evrum (along with The Microphones) will be performing at La Sala Rossa. Tickets $8 in advance, or $10 at the door. I imagine the after-party will be held in a park somewhere - all attendees being required to take off their shoes, run about dew-covered grass, paste the perma-grins of long-term Ecstasy users on their faces and giggle and attempt to renegotiate a second childhood built upon the fabricated memories used to repress their pre-adolescent horrors and the crypto-mythology of the K Records catalogue. Fingerpaint provided.

    I'll be at Fringepop, where I'm told that Fantasy will rekindle my ironic appreciation of irony rock. Yeah. Reportage to follow.

    Friday, June 04, 2004

    I'll admit it right now - I did spend a brief period of time last night at the Jupiter Room, amazed as I watched a room of young people dance to the same 80's night drivel they've been listening to in a pseudo-ironic fashion for (at the least) 8 years or so, and slightly baffled that while they appeared to be drunk, it must not have been so, as the drinks I was ordering (despite specifying grapefruit juice with VODKA) were non-alcoholic. The music was fourty-times better at Korova, even if I did catch Nick dropping two songs from one of the Rhino DIY compilation CDs back to back. Oi vey!

    As part of the Mutek festival, there's a free event entitled Experience 2 at the Society for Arts & Technology (SAT) tonight beginning at 5pm, which is about fifteen minutes from now... Performers are Montreal locals who "far from being newcomers, are still brimming with an energy and creativity with regards to what they do, upheld by a thirst for challenges and a lust for surpassing expectations."

    FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH - 5:00PM

  • MILLIMETRIK (Canada)

  • MIKE SHANNON + JAY HUNSBERGER (Canada/Cynosure, Revolver)

  • MOSSA (Canada/Complot/Cynosure)

  • MARTIN DUMAIS (Canada/Hautec)


  • SAT - 1195, boul. Saint-Laurent

    If you're into paying to see music and Arthur magazine, the Sun City Girls will be performing at La Sala Rossa tonight (with Sam Shalabi, Will Eislini and Harris Newman) as well as tomorrow night (with Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty.) Tickest are $15 in advance, or $18 at the door.

    Saturday, June 5th: We are Wolves, Demon’s Claws, BBQ, & Skip Jensen @ l'Hémisphère Gauche. 221 Beaubien Est. ($6 at the door, I believe?)

    Wednesday, June 02, 2004

    Gabriel Gigliotti is a Parsons School of Design undergraduate. Illustration and photos and what not. I like it.

    Abigail Portner is a Parsons undergrad as well, but outside of the School's online portfolio, I can't find anything else by her. Anyone?


    The schedule for the (14th Annual) St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival's PopMontreal-curated portion of the festival, known as Fringepop, has been released... Highlights include performances by Exclaim! chart-topper Wax Mannequin and (shouldabeenonMintRecords10yearsago) Pony Up as well as DJ Guapo, who will be (according to a source I will simply name "Anna") will be performing an entire set of gastronomically-enhanced music for festival-attendees.

    Thursday, June 10
    6pm World Famous Rifleman
    7pm Les Mods
    8pm Fantasy

    Friday, June 11
    6pm Andrea Revel
    7pm Statue Park
    8pm ?Alice!

    Saturday, June 12
    6pm Jetprojectlabs
    7pm Ele_K*
    8pm Pony Up

    Sunday, June 13
    6pm NWAR
    7pm The Spins
    8pm Maginot

    Monday, June 14
    6pm Mikey Dangerous
    6:30 pm Eye2Eye
    7pm Dirty Byrd
    8pm Where It Hurts

    Tuesday, June 15
    6pm n=1
    7pm Delgado
    8pm Boomeko

    Wednesday, June 16
    6pm DJ Guapo
    7pm Birdbrain
    8pm Solel

    Thursday, June 17
    6pm YSAYE
    7pm Frootfly
    8pm Mickey Mutts

    Friday, June 18
    6pm Special Interest Group
    7pm Chariot of Shame
    8pm Wax Mannequin

    Saturday, June 19
    6pm Stop Die Rescusitate
    7pm OK COBRA
    8pm Lil' Andy & Karoake Cowboy

    There's a finale on Sunday, June 20th as well, but the groups haven't been announced as of yet. More later.


    Boudicca, the youthfully iconoclastic London-based label run by Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby and recently interviewed in Hint Magazine, accepts submissions of visual/multimedia arts on their literate (woah, Goethe quote!) and gorgeously designed website. The pair who started the label in 1997 and launched it with a showing at Fall 2000's London Fashion Week are prone to (among other things) romantic gestures, referencing the Stone Roses in their piece's nomenclature and quoting Morrissey in interviews. And yes, of course Chloe Sevigny wears them.

    Their most recent collection (for Winter 04), dubbed "Hunter-Gatherer", darkly subversive and a tad cold, was premiered in February and may be viewed on the Boudicca website or

    Slightly related to Boudicca, Mel Gibson is reported to be interested in producing yet another historical epic, this time based on the life of Broach and Kirkby's namesake, a British peasant girl-cum-warrior/uniter who led a resistance against the Roman Empire.