Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Ooooooh, apologies for not updating this thing in far too many days - I gave myself a haircut and I've been investigating the link(s) between grapefruit-based mixed drinks and hangovers.

I Bought Some Records Yesterday
Some simply because they were at a thrift store...

  • Cat Stevens "Teaser & The Firecat"

  • Cat Stevens "Buddha & The Chocolate Box"

  • Dream Academy "s/t"

  • The Rolling Stones "Hot Rocks"

  • Edwin Starr "Contact" b/w "Working Song"

  • The Meters "Fire On The Bayou"

  • War "The World Is A Ghetto"

  • Pink Floyd "Saucerful of Secrets"

  • Sugarhill Gang "Rapper's Delight"

  • The Fader's Music Issue is out on stands right now, and it's a remarkably well-written and well-put together issue this time around... I bought it yesterday afternoon and read it cover to cover by this morning. In it: a David Byrne/Caetano Velosa duel interview (conducted by Arto Lindsay, of all damn people), an interview with pseudo-Afrobeat group ChinChin, on article on the sock-wearing and sedate members of the Portland music scene, a piece on Mahjong (whom Dan and I had lined up to play our September 11th Freedom Jamboree in Victoria in 2002, but who couldn't make it across the border), a beautifully photographed travelogue about Brazil and a maxed out funk-derivation known as favela, and a profile on Montreal's own Pony Up!, who performed on Saturday night at Fringepop. Unfortunately, author Elliot Aronow missed the boat on Wolf Parade, only making brief mention of a group that will prove far more important and lasting (okay, okay, I'm a bit biased) to the Montreal music scene (and beyond), and especially bizarre considering the cathartic live-show the author witnessed at Spencer and Haji's loft. Hmm. Let's just assume that he's priming Fader readers for an interview with the lupids next issue.

    Thursday, June 17 Panurge/The Hooks/PDQ @ Le Swimming, $3, 9:30pm

    Vancouver's Panurge (shimmering summer pop from Canada's dreary left coast on Nettwerk Records) perform at Le Swimming this Thursday. They'll be on at 11:30pm or so. I've been promised scotch.

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    Jenn Wong said...

    haha. shimmering pop?!! jesus christ. you're a sucker for the booze, aren't you? say hi to waldo!