Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Boudicca, the youthfully iconoclastic London-based label run by Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby and recently interviewed in Hint Magazine, accepts submissions of visual/multimedia arts on their literate (woah, Goethe quote!) and gorgeously designed website. The pair who started the label in 1997 and launched it with a showing at Fall 2000's London Fashion Week are prone to (among other things) romantic gestures, referencing the Stone Roses in their piece's nomenclature and quoting Morrissey in interviews. And yes, of course Chloe Sevigny wears them.

Their most recent collection (for Winter 04), dubbed "Hunter-Gatherer", darkly subversive and a tad cold, was premiered in February and may be viewed on the Boudicca website or

Slightly related to Boudicca, Mel Gibson is reported to be interested in producing yet another historical epic, this time based on the life of Broach and Kirkby's namesake, a British peasant girl-cum-warrior/uniter who led a resistance against the Roman Empire.


Anonymous said...

Your information is incorrect: Chloe Sevigny died last year after falling in Balenciaga boots. Or she should have. Despite that, the fall/winter Boudicca show really saved London fashion week. So well done!

Jay Watts III said...

I think I posted that she was pushed by that creepy Matt Hoven guy.