Monday, May 31, 2004

Friday night I went out to a party and drank my fair share of the complimentary booze (merci, merci)...

Pop Montreal, besides giving schmooze-fests such as NXNE some competition on (oh say) a quarter of the budget with their September 29th to October 3rd event this year will also be curating Fringe Pop 2004, part of the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. It's coming up (June 10-20th) - there's a press conference today that'll announce which 12 artists are playing - I'll paste them tomorrow...

TOMORROW Tuesdays at the Green Room are reaching maximum capacity quite quickly in the game - recent mentions in the Mirror and the Hour (expect McGill students, old people and unfamiliar faces - in other words, it's over! Already?) are helping as well as word-of-mouth on the drink-specials and decent music being played. It's expected that Greenland will have the above show-space, the Mile End Cultural Centre, up and running quite quickly.

@ Sala Rossa (4388 St. Laurent)

WEDNESDAYKillHimHideTheBody hosts another Wednesday Night Partwee (Christ, the puns!) at Saphir, this time the night's theme will be "Grilled Cheese." If you were wary of what would result from a room full of drunken indie kids smoking and making out last week (as I was, and thus, not in attendance, though I hear speak of a documentary film crew, twins and a Victoria ex-pat), this week should prove to be one step beyond revolting, I think. See for yourself. 3699 St. Laurent

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