Thursday, May 06, 2004

Couple of notes of interest for Montreal residents...
Nightlife Magazine, the 3/4 French publication that is generally (and sadly) unremarkable as a Vice magazine knockoff, but not nearly as obnoxiously designed as Toronto's Trucker magazine, has a review of Wolf Parade's final show at Spencer's loft in the newest issue, in French, accompanied with an over-exposed shot of Dan Beckner (the only full-time standing member of Wolf Parade) sweating it out.

I stumbled upon a pretty decent Montreal resource called We Love Musique that has a fair amount of music reviews, information on hang-outs and bands, show photographs and the usual forums to gripe and complain about bouncers or crappy DJs in. There's also some startlingly awful photography in the Photo section, but maybe the editorial staff owed the photographers a favour.

Anyone in Montreal know an accomplished drummer who could deal with Afrobeat rhythms but isn't a hippy? Yeah, yeah, impossible, I know.

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