Monday, May 10, 2004

Backlash vs. Backlash

As a group of one of the only hipsters left who've been to University but still maintain a faith in binary oppositions and a distance from Christianity, Goldkicks is proud to champion Vice Magazine - as it's become quite fashionable in most circles to pronounce one's self tired with the whole schlock, as well as 'shocked' by revelations concerning the political affiliations and undertones (well, yes, overtones, I suppose - it took this long to figure all this out, by the way?); as the Vice backlash moves into full-swing, we're 100% behind them and any rabidly anti-Semitic, crypto-fascist, blatantly heterosexist, homophobic, pseudo-erotic, tongue-in-cheek pronouncements that may be decreed from the lofty heights of whatever Manhattan skyscraper's 28th floor they're occupying, if only to keep advertising revenue away from neutered upstarts like Trucker Magazine (Toronto? Fucking Toronto???). Perhaps Larry Flynt and Hustler will buy Vice up, as they did Big Brother in the 90s and sanitize it.

Anyway, that was all a big segue into something of interest, that's occuring out there away from computer monitors and messageboard feuds and op-ed columns on e-zines - that is, CBC Radio 3's "Connect The Dots" tour of Music, Photography & Multimedia will be stopping in Montreal on Wednesday night. Featured performers will be The Unicorns, Edelweissian synth-popster Leiderhosen Lucil and Canada's third-rate contribution to a four-year old trend (comprised of [unwarranted personal attack against strangers follows] (I assume) 50% half-assed art students and 50% recovering math-rockers) that hasn't gone away yet, Controller.Controller. (Unless you're a member of PiL or Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre, using the term "Death Disco" in promotional material will earn you nothing but scorn... Or an opening slot for the Blood Brothers somewhere in Missouri.) Tim Barber, photo editor of VICE MAGAZINE will be in attendance as well. Show up. Tell him how much you love him, support the ideological intent of Vice magazine in the war against the post-Marxist barbarians, and how he's not as creepy as Terry Richardson. Maybe he won't be there. I bet it'll be just the Burlesque show photography. Christ. That trend should have never got off the ground. God-damn rockabillies and Bettie Page haircuts and flame-covered things and leopard print garbage.

O Patro Vys - 356 Mont-Royal East
May 12, 2004 - Doors @ 6, Music @ 8
The Unicorns, Leiderhosen Lucil, Controller.Controller, Dina Goldstein, Toni Hafkenscheid, Maria Coletsis, Laura Jane Petelko, Maureen Rodrigues-Labreche, Kevin Romaniuk, Russell Monk, Carol Conde & Karl Beveridge, Tim Barber, Byron Barrett, Marco Bohr, Bettina Hoffman, Janieta Eyre, Mackenzie Stroh, Chris Gergley, etc.

Check out Jason McLean's site, too.


Anonymous said...

Commenting from two posts back:

Is afrobeat like highlife? Or is highlife a subset of afrobeat? Help fix my genre confusion.

Anonymous said...

(it's luke from, by the way)

Anonymous said...

You know as well as I do that yr just saying it's fashionable not to like Vice anymore because I don't like it, and I was saying that it's fashionable TO like Vice and to appropriate it's hipster racism etc. etc., and thus you are just a big copycat, albeit one who subverts any common sense whatsoever, and what is this site, just a chance for you to copy and paste from and weekly listings? Huh? Huh?

It's no fair to retaliate on yr blog...especially against yr favorite coworker. If you keep being a big poophead, I won't feature you in my article about racist aboriginals. So there!

Jay Watts III said...

Afrobeat has its origins in Highlife, as far as I understand it and was popularized by Fela Kuti. I think that Afrobeat took Highlife and added an Americanized funk and soul element to it. The percussive element is quite similar and they're both "dance music," I believe.

Jay Watts III said...

Hey, I run all of my all-music scammings through a google translation into Spanish, and then back into English and then edit it again to avoid plagiarism charges!

Jay Watts III said...

...On the Afrobeat tip, there's a compilation called "Ghana Soundz" (put out by a label called Soundway, I think it might be their first release) that is supposed to be a really good place to start to move beyond Fela Kuti, which is always a bit tricky... I've ordered it in at Esoterik, but I'm still waiting, unfortunately.