Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ex-Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen will be performing tomorrow night at the Spectrum. Tickets might be sold out, or at least getting there, so get on that. My roommate and I will be spinning records tonight at the Kill Him Hide The Body Dance-Dance Revolution DJ Competition at Saphir tonight. We've got the final slot (2am-3am), but there are drink specials and tomorrow is a statutory holiday. Yes. Even for Seperatists and Bloc Quebecois voters. Come down after the Death From Above show at El Salon.

Wolf Parade are re-pressing their 4 song EP, I hear. Savvy individuals will take the time to visit their local record shop and gather up any copies of the old self-pressed EPs to sell on E-Bay. Tour dates with Modest Mouse to be announced, soon as well.


Jeremy Brendan said...

Hello Mr. Watts,

Did you catch the Sub Pop press release? The WP have been signed & will be touring the U.S. & Canada with Modest Mouse, just like you suggested.


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