Thursday, July 01, 2004


Okay, official start of the hangover season. I'm pretty sure that I'm still drunk and I'm surprised that the security guard let a jaundice-eyed man stinking of gin such as myself in the building today. I didn't manage to catch Death From Above's set last night, as I had to run off to Saphir to prepare for the DJ competition, which was less of a competition and more of a chance for me and Derek to drink ourselves silly on staff price drinks and play some records. There was quite a decent turn-out. Kudos to Guillarme and Jessica!

We Are Wolves were less nauseating this time rather than last, though I'll have to admit that the percoset and two bottles of white wine were probably what led to such my unfavourable assessment of their performance the last time I saw them, with the Sick Lipstick in the early winter.

Tony Allen's playing somewhere tonight, as I mentioned earlier. Spectrum, I think. I dunno. Christ, I'm hungover.

There are some new blogs to check out... Tyler Fedchuck, a Vancouver resident, does the MP3J Robot Is Smashed By... and Michael P. Brewster does Brewdog, which, in so far as I can tell, is not a review of sampled ales, but might be his dorm-room nickname.

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