Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Goldkicks Montreal/Vancouver Symposium Comes To An End...

Attendees deal with lingering ten-day hangovers & empty bank accounts

Christ - anyone else go to that absurd barn/warehouse party in Old Montreal with the 35 minute rendition of the chorus of "Pass The Dutchie"?

TONIGHT... While a night in a room full of 16 year old Blood Brother fans/Lipstick & Cigarettes users might not be yr idea of a way to spend a Wednesday night, the presence of GSL's The Chromatics and Kill Me Tomorrow (featuring ex-VSS alumni and GSL labelhead Sunny Kay) should manage to attend. The Chromatics resurrect and plunder the back catalogues of Cherry Red Records and Rough Trade (the Silver Apples cover on their most recent release "Plaster Hounds" is worth the price of the album alone) without sounding like the overly flaccid Radio 4, and Kill Me Tomorrow promise delay-saturated vocals overtop of swirling, punishing and ultimately confusing post-punk. Both groups prove that West Coast music nerds have been at the helm of the post-punk/no-wave revival thing for some time now, and are thus far beyond the art studio tinkerings of NYU art students and far more fucked up, too. AT EL SALON, DOORS @ 9PM

Alternately, there's another Wednesday night at Saphir tonight, this time with locals Statue Park performing. The last two nights have been wildly successful - perhaps because of the cheap booze - and way less goth-friendly than Friday nights, when body-odour quickly evaporates into a dripping-from-the-ceiling humidity and Quebecois ponytails appear far too numerous on the dancefloor.

Worldwide screenprintin' and illustratin' disturbers of the peace Black Rainbow will be exhibiting at a vernissage at Pharmacie Esperanza. The group, comprised of familiar locals like Yannick and Chloe of Serigraphie Populaire and mind-altering Matt Moroz, as well Vancouver's Keith Jones, Berlin's Meelo Gellfer & Anna Hellsgard, members of The Little Friends of Printmaking, Boston's Gunsho and others, work "in design, illustration, 3D, animation, painting, apparel, installation, film and screenprinting." Your friendly Goldkicks Montreal host Jay Watts III (that's me) will be DJing...

8pm @ Pharmacie Esperanza - 5490 St. Laurent

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