Monday, July 26, 2004

Brechtian Distancing Strategy: Interruptive Text

Hummmm... I watched Woody Allen's "Celebrity" earlier today - it had been a couple of years, and I had forgotten how gorgeous Sven Nykvist's cinematography was - and realized that Kenneth Branagh really needed a moustache. The void between upper lip and nose was practically screeching for it. Perhaps he had just shaved one off, pre-production. You know, one can always tell when someone's just shaved his moustache - the just-revealed flesh is a little more tender and pasty than the flesh on the rest of the face and the skin looks stretched... (Also, "Smalltime Crooks" - how spectacular is that sunset scene on top of the apartment building in the first bit of the movie? Transcendent!)

Tuesday, July 27thAmerican Death Fuckers, OLIM Last year, by chance, my bandmates and I met two members of American Death Fuckers on the street in Vancouver. Pender St, to be specific, by the Marble Arch. It was bizarre, because they were in a band with the word "Fuck" in the title and a reference to the United States of America, and so were we. The one subtle difference being that we were completely plastered, and they were not.Missy Bar (Mt. Royal)

Thursday, July 29thThe Unicorns, Fly Pan Am, L'Attack, Unireverse, Crackpot, DJ Cecile Petrole Jesus fucking Christ, I assume that if you're not attending this show, you're either a lonely and socially inept internet nerd (hey, hey, I know what the readership of blogs are like) or a crappy photoshop-addicted graphic designer who's deeply jealous of the creative success of Yannick and Chloe of Seripop, who are, I'd have to say, the most important and dedicated people involved in the bare-knuckles world of screenprinting today. The Promethean effort involved in Seripop production unfortunately does not pay as well financially as say, patching together crappy old t-shirts with exposed seams and selling them to clueless McGill students (that's a cheap shot I'm not even nearly qualified enough to give - I've only been in this city for seven months), and possibilities for expansion are mighty limited when there's not a trust-fund purchased-car to put up for bank loan collateral. Profits from this show go to Seripop. $10 @ The Cabaret Music Hall

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