Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Spencer of Wolf Parade celebrates his b-day

You'll have to forgive my lack of updates recently - I think I've got tonsilitis or some such nonsense going on in the back of my throat and for the past few days I've been dreaming about getting out of the city and swimming in a lake somewhere...

As you may or may not have already read on Jeremy Brendan's blog, Montreal's favourite Victorian ex-pats, Wolf Parade, have been signed to Sub-Pop, confirmed by the Sub Pop website. Unfortunately the Sub-Pop press release doesn't include a copy of their Jamaican Xmas Press Photograph, featuring four out of four members in sarongs.

The Vanishing show at Cafe Silencio in St. Henri, scheduled for tonight, has been cancelled, as Cafe Silencio has closed down due to indisclosed reasons. Perhaps the beloved and be-bandana-ed ConU professor at the head of things has moved on, and will be leaving Montreal?

Edmonton's synth-happy post-punkers All Purpose Voltage Heroes will be performing with Echo Kitty (a poorly named local group I'm sure most people are aware of, fronted by the Quebecois Simon Le Bon)...

Also tomorrow, Chicago's The Pony's (featured in an earlier Goldkicks post this spring) will be performing at L'Hemisphere Gauche with local group Moustache. The Ponys' vocalist calls to mind Richard Hell when he's on, and the singer from the abysmal Stellastar* when's he off, so cross your fingers...

Montreal man-about-town, well-respected moustache-wearer, light-footed neo-Nijinsky and legal expert Nick Frenette will be celebrating his 26th (!) birthday this Friday with an old-fashioned vegan potluck and loft show. Details to follow, or you can call him up.

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