Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Yr Life Will Never Be The Same

Passes for Canada's most important & enjoyable festival of independent musicians (I'll attempt to muffle my laughter if anyone mentions NXNE), PopMontreal are now available, sold through the Insound site, who're in the process of recovering from their pre-Siren Festival debacle this weekend - ice-packs on the crotch, popping T3s and watching "Trailer Park Boys".  (Still don't get the appeal...)

There's nothing else going on this week.  Go to the park, drink a couple of bottles of sangria and draw pictures or something.   Fawn over Geoff Mcfetridge's work...  Coudal Partners have a short documentary available for viewing on the moustached multi-tasking genius.

Arts & curious other things journal, Cabinet Magazine is offering discount subscriptions (including a free gift) for people with specific first names. Details here, Barrett and Fatima.

Also, Dancing with cats.

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