Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Thick Jerseys Even In Summer

Cabalistic, secretive and cooked up in various laboratories spread across the ramshackle ConU campus, The Young People's Foundation have been silently labouring away as of late. While other, less committed artist types and bohemian miscreants have been far too occupied with downing their daily quart of Jaggermeister and fucking visitors from Toronto on their roommate's bed in the afternoon, the YPF have burrowed into tiny little caves, the sort in which one would expect to find bespectacled moles in tweed Edwardian dress habitating, and are ready to emerge, squinting in the heat of the July sun, with a well-crafted book for all of us to enjoy. And before the aforementioned artist-types and miscreants even think of dropping any cash from their trust fund, the YPF have offered up an opportunity for them and the less creative amongst us to flip through the pages with wine-stained fingertips. The Book Launch also coincides with the opening of a new St. Laurent boutique, which (from what I can gather from this poster and a brief conversation with YPF Promo-Hunk James Brathwaite yesterday) is called Lemon Lime.

YPF Book Launch w/ Galerie Accidentelle Opening
@ Lemon Lime (3697 St. Laurent - above The Second Cup), doors @ 7pm

And according to this handsome lil' 11x17 poster, there's an afterparty at Korova. Let us all pray and hope that the DJ in the green shirt who played "hit" after undeniable "hit" (Radiohead, Bjork, Stone Temple Pilots, The Darkness) will not be spinning at this event. Yes, despite being obviously and freakishly exubriant/drunk, his enthusiasm wasn't all that contagious, and I left the bar early, with a pulsating headache and uncharacteristically homicidal thoughts.

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