Monday, July 19, 2004

I trust that everyone's weekend was as full of sushi, baking, Klaus Kinski and strange Czech liqueurs as mine was.  And yes, I did in fact leave the YPF's vernissage at LemonLime early on Saturday night so that I could watch The King and I, but that makes me neither foolish nor gay.  If you get the chance, skip to the bizarre Thai rendering of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" that takes place about 3/4 of the way into the film.  Fucked up.

25 years old, from Tintin's homeland and busted for cocaine possession: model Ingrid Parewijck was arrested at JFK airport on a flight in from Paris.  Now if I can read between the lines here, I'm too infer that cocaine use might be a little more frequent amongst models than I had initially thought! 

Judge Laura Ward was straight with the model, however. "It's pretty pathetic if it is for personal use," she said. "I've seen more than my fair share of models convicted on drug charges doing five to 15 years in jail. If you put that stuff up your nose one time, that's one time too many. Do you understand that?"


Anonymous said...

You're right on the banger. Cocaine is sugar in the industry. We got Naomi and Pharrell on the Jejo, we got models on the Jejo while they're walking catwalks, Jejo up the stylists nose, Jejo in the make-up artists credit cards... we even got Jejo in the photographers pizza. Ok, maybe not.

I stay away from it, but some people just caaaan't help it when they wanna go for a rush.



Jay Watts III said...

It appears that Naomi Campbell practically bathes in the stuff...