Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm sorry. I haven't updated enough. I've been scavenging through record stores and jogging around Parc La Fontaine until my body temperature exceeds healthy levels and I achieve some sort of transcendent state. The new Vanity Fair, despite David Beckham cover, has some great pieces on former exterminator Tom Delay, The Hitch's take on the Paleo vs. Neo Conservative civil war, the Women of George W. Bush (no "Condoleeza The Sleaza" centerfold, sadly), Richard Clarke and an amusing little article on jet-set excess in St. Tropez in which (as the author points out) Simon Le Bon establishes himself as the voice of moderation.

Also, I heard a bit on CBC Radio yesterday about the impending July housing crisis, err... crunch. The City of Montreal has setup a hotline for renters that will be in operation next week as well as preparing temporary shelters for people left without a place by the time July 1st rolls around. I'll grab a link later. The vacancy rate is a solid 1%, which is actually higher than I ever recall it being during my years in Victoria.

Recently Purchased...
Ohio Players "First Impressions"
The O'Jay's "Greatest Hits"
Charles Hilton Brown "Owed To Myself"
Kurtis Blow "The Breaks"
V/A "Pop In Paris V.3"
The Pretty Things "SF Sorrow"
!!! "Louden Up Now"
6 Finger Satellite "Weapon"
Tony Allen "Jealousy/Progress"
Fela Kuti "Upside Down"

I'm going to delve into the realm of politics here and mention that OptimusCrime's Election posts are some fantastic blogging - swell links, good researching and the witty comments one demands from a site that makes the workday all that more tolerable.

Go see the Cocteau exhibit.


Washington, DC's new-wave/kraut-rock perform in Montreal with fellow Thrill Jockey artist (and Beck-On-A-Budget) Bobby Conn... According to what I've read, this will be their final tour and thus your last chance to squeal for "Play in the Summer" from "Red Line."

Trans Am, Bobby Conn, Les Dokteurs @ Cabaret Music Hall (2111 St. Laurent)


Recently wed West Coast indie-pop power duo Geneviève Castrée (former Montrealer, too) and Phil Evrum (along with The Microphones) will be performing at La Sala Rossa. Tickets $8 in advance, or $10 at the door. I imagine the after-party will be held in a park somewhere - all attendees being required to take off their shoes, run about dew-covered grass, paste the perma-grins of long-term Ecstasy users on their faces and giggle and attempt to renegotiate a second childhood built upon the fabricated memories used to repress their pre-adolescent horrors and the crypto-mythology of the K Records catalogue. Fingerpaint provided.

I'll be at Fringepop, where I'm told that Fantasy will rekindle my ironic appreciation of irony rock. Yeah. Reportage to follow.

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