Thursday, June 17, 2004

Friday & Saturday: Montreal

The fine folks at Greenland had a bit of trouble getting their new venue (the Mile End Cultural Centre) completed before the opening last night, and because I desperately wanted to jog around a park listening to Montreal's pitiful classic rock station (97.7FM - at least they broadcast Little Steven's Underground Garage program), I unfortunately wasn't able to check out the space, which is another welcome addition to the growing number of venues in this city (Cafe Silencio in St. Henri and El Salon, for example)...

Tonight I'll be checking out the Panurge show at Le Swimming. Tomorrow night, there's a Calvin Johnson Carnival at El Salon (St. Laurent) hosted by killhimhidethebody that will explain more about the mystique of the passionate and gentle soul of the baritoned Olympian musical figure than the "Shield Around the K" film of a couple of years back... As well, Vancouver's premiere semi-dreary and dour post-punk/new-wave outfit, The Organ will be performing at Cafe Campus with openers Marlowe.

Friday Night
The Organ @ Cafe Campus (57 Prince Arthur St E) w/ Marlowe
Calvin Johnson Carnival (w/ The Antiques, Malajube) @ El Salon (St. Laurent)

On Saturday, there's a "Fetes des Peres" craft bazaar at Cafe Esperanza running from 11am to 6pm that begins with a brunch special and features astonishing sculpted creations by Atlas Strategic alumni Steve Simard. That night, closet Yes fans who'll only admit to a "heavy psych" fetish will be enjoying The Besnard Lakes at Casa Del Popolo.

COOL CRAFTS FOR DAD BAZAAR @ Cafe Esperanza (5490 St. Laurent)
The Besnard Lakes, The Absent Sound, Mahogny Frog @ Casa Del Popolo

Anyone going down to the Siren Festival in the middle of July?


Optimus said...

did you check out that show? besnard lakes were pretty good; absent sound really wowed me with their I Can't Believe It's Not Godspeed! cello-rock and the crazy dance routine business. very cool.

mahogany frog, though? at some points, they had a jazzy tortoise-y thing going, but at some points the psychedelic free-jazz freakout thing had my friend commenting along the lines of, "remember that scene in spinal tap where they reinvent themselves as a free-jazz outfit?"

Jay Watts III said...

Nah, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to check out the show, which is unfortunate because I've been meaning to check out Besnard Lakes again ever since last winter, when they popped up in Vancouver (as a two-piece) and played a fucking astonishing set with the drummer from Orphan (a psych-rock a la Hawkwind group not to be confused with the other O band from Vancouver)... There are a lot of similarities between bits of "Spinal Tap" and Pink Floyd interviews, too... Which I suppose was probably intended.