Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Golden Stream of Summer

Last night, around 8:30 (on the way to catch "Bande A Part" at Cinema Du Parc) on Ave du Pins... Two crust-punks ask for a cigarette in French, I say "je suis desoleil" and hear them mumble something about "best to look left..." Michelle, Tracy and I head into the intersection and spot one crust-punk, pants down, squatting and urinating on the sidewalk... (Heavy French-Canadian Accent) "OH FUCK LOOK AT ZIS GIRL SHE IS PEEING OH THAT IS SO DIGUSTING, HANH?!?!" She gets up and, pants around knees, begins to walk over to the other side of the street where residents are standing in front of their homes, trying to ignore her.

After the initial shock of watching an anti-authoritarian type take on the whole corrupt Judeo-Christian system of mores n' what not, I was reminded of a lovely bickering crust-punk couple that divided their time between the various storefronts of a two block area of Commercial Drive, downing cans of Colt 45 and yelling at each other. A delightful pair that I only saw seperated once. The couple had got in a disagreement about something, and finally a police officer came and took the Crustette from the Cruster, who proclaimed loudly and repeatedly "I FUCKING LOVE THAT BITCH, MAN!" Moments later, I walked past the spot again and saw Cruster sharing a Colt 45 with an older companion, bemoaning his loss. Happily enough, the couple was reunited and on the block the next day.

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