Friday, June 04, 2004

I'll admit it right now - I did spend a brief period of time last night at the Jupiter Room, amazed as I watched a room of young people dance to the same 80's night drivel they've been listening to in a pseudo-ironic fashion for (at the least) 8 years or so, and slightly baffled that while they appeared to be drunk, it must not have been so, as the drinks I was ordering (despite specifying grapefruit juice with VODKA) were non-alcoholic. The music was fourty-times better at Korova, even if I did catch Nick dropping two songs from one of the Rhino DIY compilation CDs back to back. Oi vey!

As part of the Mutek festival, there's a free event entitled Experience 2 at the Society for Arts & Technology (SAT) tonight beginning at 5pm, which is about fifteen minutes from now... Performers are Montreal locals who "far from being newcomers, are still brimming with an energy and creativity with regards to what they do, upheld by a thirst for challenges and a lust for surpassing expectations."


  • MILLIMETRIK (Canada)

  • MIKE SHANNON + JAY HUNSBERGER (Canada/Cynosure, Revolver)

  • MOSSA (Canada/Complot/Cynosure)

  • MARTIN DUMAIS (Canada/Hautec)


  • SAT - 1195, boul. Saint-Laurent

    If you're into paying to see music and Arthur magazine, the Sun City Girls will be performing at La Sala Rossa tonight (with Sam Shalabi, Will Eislini and Harris Newman) as well as tomorrow night (with Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty.) Tickest are $15 in advance, or $18 at the door.

    Saturday, June 5th: We are Wolves, Demon’s Claws, BBQ, & Skip Jensen @ l'Hémisphère Gauche. 221 Beaubien Est. ($6 at the door, I believe?)

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