Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hey all, sorry for the recent departure from the internet, but I ended up stabbing myself in the hand while trying to remove an avocado seed and haven't felt up to one-handed posting. That's why the e-mails haven't been responded to, either! Sorry!

I imagine you're gearing up for the pre-Fete Nationale booze-fest - stocking up on acidic Quebecois wine, painting a fleurs-de-lis on your cheek, wondering why the hell there's no Mile End St. Jean Baptiste party this year (oooh cmon, you all read the Mirror, you know why)... I've heard that there's some hobo equivalent bonfire at the train tracks as well as an event at Greenland Productions new space, the Mile End Cultural Centre (just above the Green Room). DJs and stuff, ya know?

Touring indie vaudevillians The Perpetual Motion Roadshow will be stopping in Montreal tonight at Zeke's Gallery (3955 St. Laurent). Local author (and neighbour!) Michelle Sterling will be reading along with accompaniement by Newfoundland and Labradorian Musicologist Steven Guy. Others, too, like Jasmine Wagner and authors Frank Duff and Nick Mamatas. Doors are at 7:30 and it's $4.

I've been hoarding away some summer song mp3s - if you've got a gmail account (or something that can accomodate mp3s), send me a message at with a little greeting and I'll send you something balmy and bouncy, like that backyard summer barbecue in that Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff video.

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