Monday, December 22, 2003

Finally, an update...

No, I haven't quite disappeared into the cultural and social recesses of East Van, though a bad lapse of judgement and too much mulled wine almost ended the holidays early last night.

Does anybody have the most recent issue of
Another Magazine or know where I might possibly be able to find a copy in this town? The neighbourhood newstand over on this side (which is generally pretty well-stocked) doesn't have any copies of it in, and doesn't plan on restocking it.

British creative-types who might be living in Canada, or reading this (for some reason) might want to have a look at the second Re:Creation National Creative Tour & Awards Programme being put on by the publishers of Dazed & Confused magazine. Design, photography, fashion, journalism, music, graphic design and film. There's a pdf that will tell all here.

After a whole lotta buildup, it looks like the male hustler aesthetic is here to stay. Spoon Magazine:Men

Shoplifter and secretly Jewish actress (the actress part is debatable) Winona Ryder probably won't be appearing at her lawyer's Christmas party. Ouch. Courtesy of Vogue UK

Nick Knight's ShowStudio website has updated.

As you've probably already heard if you're involved in music and live in Vancouver, editor Merek Cooper has left Discorder to return to the United Kingdom. Along with him, the longtime art editor has also "jumped ship." Rumours, unfounded or not, have it that the majority of applicants were not even remotely qualified to run the ship and the new editor doesn't favour local music coverage. Ouch. Non-functioning Discorder website

There are a number of things that I immediately don't trust. One of them is a website pertaining to fashion that uses an illustration of a woman who looks suspiciously like the aging indie rock student teacher I saw shaking her very drunk white ass to Missy Elliot songs at a party. That a photo further on into the site reveals her to be an 11 year old Midwesterner on a 1983 visit to Disneyland simply confirms my suspicions.
The Illustration
The Eleven Year Old's Funky Bio

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