Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Non-waspish Canadian bands update...

Far be it from me to exercise any nationalist flag-waving, consider this a reminder that not all of the Canadian musical landscape is dominated by cold-porridge Constantines (and knockoffs), incestuous and flaccid Godspeed! relations, or the bedwetting perversity of Mint Records groups...

The Barcelona Pavillion BBC Radio One heartthrobs and Torontonian billingualists. This has to be tongue-in-cheek... They are from Toronto, though.
Wolf Parade Montreal group with Victorian ex-pats (from Atlas Strategic, Blue Pine).
The Orphan Vancouver psych/space-rock without the unnecessary guitar wanking and with the dreamy tremolo vocals... Members of Destroyer, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Sinoia Caves.
The Unicorns You've already read everything you need to know about on the Pitchforkmedia website.
Jerk With A Bomb From morose crooners to stoned, irony-free rock powerhouse. Hawkwind, but not stupid. From Vancouver.

Toronto photographer (and friendster addict) Konrad Junikiewicz chronicles and occasionally validates the waspish hipsters of Toronto.

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