Friday, March 11, 2005

Into The Impossible!

We Are Wolves are launching their debut album tomorrow night, at the split-level basement hell known as Le Local Musical guests include The Demon's Claw, franco troubadour Call Me Poupée, with DJing by KinKajou, Why? Alex Why?, 1 Speed Bike, and Cherry Cola. Ladies, fret not, bathroom lineups will be cut in half, as they've rented a porta-potty for the event!
Doors @ 8:30, 7154, St-Urbain, $8...


Anonymous said...

i would have emailed this to you, but i couldn't find an address.

a while ago you posted an mp3 by all makes parts & collision. the link is dead now. could you post it again, or maybe email the song to me? i'd be forever grateful!


johnnyjohnnybones at gmail dot com

nika said...

i heard great news today: wolf parade is opening at all 3 arcade fire shows!