Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"I'm sure the new unit is going to make great items for traditional CBC audiences, but they're not going to be attracting a new audience. And now you have this whole community of freelancers [at Radio Three] who were making really interesting art and stories and editorial positions on everything from Kyoto to new music and they will be gone. They'll be picked up by new-media companies and ad agencies and the whole vision will be lost. ... The private sector is totally into this stuff now and it makes me sad that the CBC doesn't realize the gem they developed. They could carry it so much further, but that would require a vision outside of their traditional fence."
-Outgoing CBC Radio 3 head, Robert Ouimet

Carl Wilson comments today on the CBC Radio 3 re-organization, and two paragraphs in and I'm already laughing out loud over his mentions of Mitsou and Nardwuar. The loss of Brave New Waves will hit hard not only because a valuable outlet for culture will have been lost (etc. etc.), but also for those who have Patti Schmidt as a landlady, who may face both rent increases and her, boozier and grumpier than before.

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