Friday, January 28, 2005

AutoVaud Wrap-Up and Friday Night Calendar.

I attended last night's Automatic Vaudeville Shandfest at the Main Hall. Taking cinematic cues from both Sergei Eisenstein and Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev, the first two films, Shand and Shand Zweiss, of the nine-part cycle delved deeply into the very grim recesses of humanity's unconsciousness and the Mythic in the most Jungian manner I've seen in cinema in some time. The feature film of the night Apartment Complex marked a turn away from some of the more elaborate and fantastic works of Autovaud's past, and was essentially a Vanity Film about a Vanity Film, eliciting equal amounts of accusations that the emperor wore no clothes and declarations of genius. In my mind, the film positioned itself in such a slippery manner that criticisms are difficult to level at it, and I do have to admit that I preferred 2004's landmark docu-drama The Recommendations, but the film is still a worthy addition to their catalogue.

Now that all of the New Year's resolutions have run their course and failed to stick, Montreal can return to the debaucherous and over-stimulated lifestyle it is recognized the world across for. Some events happening tonight...

Unireverse, Dreamcatcher, Scream Baby Scream @ The Electric Tractor - 6674 De L'Esplanade at St-Zotique. $6.

The Blend-In Blind Inn, Duchess Says, Darryl Balls, Anfan @ La Sala Rossa. $10.

Duchess Says will be performing after a collaborative and improvisational set, so get stoned beforehand.

A bit of an interesting addendum: Arlen of Wolf Parade was responsible for recording AIDSWOLF yesterday. Any idea on who's going to release it?

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