Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fuck Me USA Unreleased Track

Here's the first track from the unreleased Fuck Me USA EP, that was to be released on Global Symphonic. It was recorded at the beginning of last November, shortly before the group broke up, which accounted for the EP never being released and the recording never being mixed or mastered. There are a couple of things that need to be fixed on this song, particularly - the kick-drum is pretty rough sounding, and if you listen close enough you can "hear" the gigantic space of the room. Colin Stewart recorded it at The Hive.

Anyway, here it is, bonus points if you can name the song from which the bassline was lifted.

Fuck Me USA - Track 01.mp3 Untitled

And to cleanse your palate, a favourite track from Jeff Lynn's (the one guy from the Travelin' Wilburys that you could never name) ELO, masters of excessive studio trickery, back-masking and Bee-Gees vs. Beatles songwriting.

ELO - Love Is Like Oxygen.mp3


Anonymous said...

Is it "Bizarre Love Triangle? Something by New Order for sure... Balogh

Jay Watts III said...

Nope, nope, though I'm pretty sure a New Order rip-off bassline appears somewhere later in one of the songs.

Any other guesses? You may need to have spent some time in gay discos to know this, btw.

Anonymous said...

"Boys and Girls" by Blur minus the slides and trills?

Chris Clark said...

Boney M?

Anonymous said...

That's not ELO. Jeff Lynne had nothing to do with that song. It's Sweet. Get your facts straight.