Tuesday, January 25, 2005


England's Drowned-In-Sound has an interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

As Robin "The Titan of Terabytes" Simpson pointed out in his comment to the previous post, we occasionally embark on Tintin-esque adventures together - he as an inspired version of the intrepid boy reporter, albeit a brunette version, and I a beardless and avuncular Captain Haddock, swilling whiskey and cursing loudly. We are, however, missing a crucial component in this arrangement - that of Snowy, the dimunitive and cheery-souled puppy pal with a fine intuitive sense and a passport. If you're interested, contact us, either through the newspaper or the United Shipworkers Union office.

Black Mountain Video

If you're a lonely, tubby and bespectacled teenage nerdboy considering an Animation program at a college or a know-it-all clerk at a video store in Guelph (probably lonely, too), you probably unwind after a long day of unrelentless pedantry by contemplating growing a goatee and watching Zed TV. I don't, and I don't know many who did, so when this aired a couple of weeks ago, it did so below my finely-tuned Cultural Radar, which usually maps the flow of the Zeitgeist like Vasco de Gama mapped wherever it was that he shipped himself off to. Anyway, the massive resources of the state-run broadcasting system, the CBC, have provided even non-Canadians with a glimpse of these soon-to-be-bigger-than-even-Nada-Surf (?????) West Coast weilders of the psych-rock hatchet performing Druganaut in some dank Howe St. studio. As revealed on the Black Mountain website, former Black Halos/Three Penny Opera (I think, fuck, whatever, some Scallen-core band) bassist Matthew is on acid.

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