Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Unicorns

If their webpage is any indication, The Unicorns have broken up, following their Australian tour and Alden's West Coast ski vacation... If messageboards are any indication, they haven't, and this is some sort of prank, alluded to in an early press image and foretold in lyrics and song-titles.

"I'd just like to say, that I sincerely hope that this is not true. I don't believe it. Alden call me...."
Murray Lightbourn of the Dears weighs in...

In this event, I've managed to dig up a track from Alden's earlier project, All Makes, Parts & Collision when he was stationed in Vancouver Island. I nicked it from a CD that Alden had handed to me to pass on to a friend of his a couple of years back, which I didn't end up doing (being as unreliable as I am), but that little social faux-pas only benefits you, the loyal Goldkicks reader! I think it might be titled My Friends, but I left the track-listing behind in BC. Enjoy quickly, before I receive Seligman's threatening phone call tonight.

All Makes, Parts & Collision - Track 12.mp3

Tomorrow I may post a song from the disastrous results of FMUSA's late 2003 recording at The Hive. Yikes.


Tyler Fedchuk and Paul Devro said...

Too bad about those unicorns. I am looking forward to tomorrows post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay, the mp3 is down. Do you have it? Can you gmail it to me?


Jay Watts III said...

Hey, it should be working, but I can e-mail it to you later tonight!

Anonymous said...

It's working now! Thank you.

Jay (also) said...

Any chance of you posting some more All Makes Parts & Collision songs, or at least getting a hold of that tracklist?

Anonymous said...

hey isn't working anymore but i am very interessted
can you please send it to me

or contact me if i need gmail