Saturday, January 08, 2005

Atlas Strategic / Wolf Parade

I've recounted the whole pre-history of Wolf Parade many, many times before on this blog, though not thoroughly, so I won't recap now, but here's a song from the second, and now very much out of print, Atlas Strategic EP That's Familiar entitled National Flag. Recorded in January of 2002 by Scott Henderson in Victoria, BC, and written by Dan Boeckner, who went on to record it with his current band, Wolf Parade who released it on their second EP, which is also now out of print.

Vancouver label Global Symphonic have copies of the first Atlas Strategic album (Rapture Ye Minions!) available for purchase on their website, and there's a New Music Canada site for the band which has four tracks from that available to listen to.

Atlas Strategic - National Flag.mp3
Wolf Parade - National People's Scare.mp3

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