Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Skip Spence

Skip Spence (first name Alexander), former novice Jefferson Airplane drummer, Moby Grape member, and ax-wielding exorcist (attempting to save Moby Grape's Don Stevenson from demonic possession by this method while on a speed-binge) released his first and only album "Oar" in the spring of 1969. It's a work more likely to be found on the packed shelves of balding middle-aged record collectors, and though he had a Syd Barrett-like "light burns twice as bright" disappearing routine, it hasn't seem to have garnished his work the attention that it should have, or if it has, I don't hang around with those people. Sundazed re-issued Oar a while back, including a number of out-takes and tracks not heard on the initial pressings of the album. He passed away in Santa Cruz in April of 1999 at 56.

Skip Spence - All Come To Meet Her.mp3

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Anonymous said...

HURTING FOR PEOPLE (3:52) performed by Bob Harvey & Brian Fowler
Bob Harvey : Vocals, acoustic guitar
Brian Fowler : Mandolin, electric bass

Bob Harvey:

In August of 1965, Matthew Katz, the manager, took Jefferson Airplane to Los Angeles to audition for several labels. He got us rooms at the Palms, a secluded lodge in the Hollywood hills. Skip Spence and I had a room together. We spent that first night getting high and writing a song called "Hurting For People".

I wrote the lyrics in my journal, and have hung on to them for 39 years, but the melody was never recorded and was lost in the mists of time, so when I decided to use it for the latest Moby Grape tribute album, I got together with Brian Fowler and we put new music to the lyrics. the one part of Skip's melody that I could remember was to the line, "love is just reaching out while someone else is reaching in". It fit perfectly with the new chord structure.

Brian and I recorded "Hurting For People" with an engineer named Melonie Emerson Taft. She is truly amazing. She got great sound out of all the instruments, including my voice. I'll be proud to have on the new tribute album.

Bob Harvey & Brian Fowler

Song written by (Harvey-Spence-Fowler)

To pick up a copie go to www.sfblue.co.uk and order Hurting for People.