Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hot Springs, Dream Catcher, Unireverse and Michael Doerksen.

Hot Springs @ Musique-Plus

Earlier last night, I went and caught the Hot Springs at Musique-Plus, the Quebecois affiliate of Canada's Muchmusic. There was a flurry of heavily accented French and free Jos Louis treats available after the performance.

DreamCatcher @ The Electric Tractor

One half of Suicide meets Flux Information Sciences without any stage presence whatsoever, unfortunately...

The Unireverse @ The Electric Tractor

Three men with an array of synthesizers, a tape machine and a drum machine performing songs, one being an ode to failed 20th century attempts to build infrastructure on the sun.

l-r: Bearded man with Michael Doerksen.

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Anonymous said...

The bearded man is the artist Andrew Taggart.