Thursday, January 20, 2005


As I've been a bit busy, travelling around the city and watching Caligula and smoking pot, my posting frequency has suffered. Later on tonight I'll put on some mp3s I promised earlier, including more Atlas Strategic and some fey-ish, Postcard Records stuff, as well.

Yesterday I received two CDs in the post from BC. The first was the unmixed EP by Chris Frey of Radio Berlin's new band, The Book of Lists. The EP should come out this spring on Global Symphonic. The second CD was the new self-released Droom album 10 Songs, which treads somewhat similar territory as Graham and William's previous band, A Luna Red, albeit more in the synth-pop vein. I'll write something proper about both of these when I get the chance to digest them a little more...

I'm going to see The Lovely Feathers at Sala Rossa tonight. You may be more familiar with their err, colloquial nomenclature - "The Jew-nicorns", revealed to me by Montreal's most popular bearded slow-talker.

The Bright Eyes after-party looks as if it will be densely packed even before Bright Eyes (that doe-eyed Dylan) finishes up his set, so I suggest gathering up your 15-year old girl harvest and bussing up to the 100-sided Die, before it's sold out. Nicholas and J'aime of the now-crippled Unicorns have been added to the DJ bill, amidst fears that my fondness for grating RISD key-tar bands will be far too much on display.

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