Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend Wrap

Hey, hey, I'm on Page 61 of Spin Magazine. Upper right corner, holding the camera by Robin Simpson, watching Wolf Parade. For an autograph, send the magazine along with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to:

4576 Clark
Montreal, QC
H2T 2T4

Of course, there's a lot more than just me on that page and on the following page - the article and accompanying tidbits are about Montreal, the bands and the err, uhh, vibe. Melissa Auf De Mar weighs in, and despite being the daughter of a man so admired by Gazette readers and Anglo-Montrealers that he had a street named after him, she still seems as clueless about the city as she was in her Nylon Magazine "Guide to Montreal" in which she heralded Foufones Electriques as the nightspot in Montreal and told us about a delightful and quaint lesser-known Quebecois treat known as "poutine". Nonetheless, an entertaining read, and it's Spin magazine, and regardless of whatever they printed, it's necessary to complain and whine and mock whatever was written.

Pleasure Forever - This is the Zodiac Speaking.mp3
Tim Hecker - Celestina.mp3

Dave Clifford of Pleasure Forever interviewed Sunny Kay (formerly of The VSS, now in YR Future) in a spring issue of Skyscraper Magazine, that loquacious lump of off-set published by Bottomley Bros, which I just got around to reading. It's lengthy, of course. There should be a winter 2004/2005 issue available pretty soon.

I DJed a rather dismal set at the Bright Eyes afterparty on Saturday night at the 100 Sided Die - locals Telefauna and Coco Rosie entertained the crowd, and Jaime, of the now defunct Unicorns and soon to be LA-based (?), DJed as well., formerly has all the gossip, scandal and e-hyperbole you could ever want on the night and its terrible, terrible aftermath.

Montreal's foremost Olde Tyme Entertainments Providers Automatic Vaudeville present another evening of Wagnerian and bourbon-soaked cinema, this one dubbed SCHANDFEST, and featuring "Seth W. Owen's long-awaited Apartment Complex, as well as Schandfilm Zwei, the second entry" in the controversial Schandcycle.

And, just in case you haven't noticed, flutes are the 2004 and 2005 equivalent to 2003 and 2004's "cowbell"... Many Jethro Tull jokes floating about, the Dungen records being released in North America, and now, the new album by Dan Snaith, formerly known as Manitoba, and now known as Caribou. (20jazzfunkgreats posted about the newest album a week or so ago - worth a read.)


Anonymous said...

8 x 10 glossies of both Jay Watts III and I (Robin Simpson) recreating some of our greatest 'tintin-esque' adventures are also availible.

idleheart said...

just downloaded that pleasure forever track, i like it, might give it a couple more listens
just letting you know i'm adding you to my links, i just set up an mp3 blog a few weeks ago (might be a bit bare at the moment) specialising in indie, bizarre and soon a lot of overlooked australian content.
http://credcentral.blogspot.comkeep up the good work