Friday, January 14, 2005

Blood to my cheeks.

1000 apologies for the delay between posts, I've been deeply disturbed by the amount of Turbonegro I've heard over the past week, which has caused me to recoil from most music and into a fantasy world of my own creation populated by lazy aristocrats, wordly butlers, scheming Aunts and other Wodehosian (Wodehovian?) archetypes... Anyways, a couple of tracks below that brought blood to my cheeks... And... The Globe and Mail's health columnist (his name's unfortunately skipped my mind) made mention in today's column about a study vindicating afternoon naps... For the younger set, the prime naptime is between 3pm and 5pm. On that note...

Procol Harum - Conquistador.mp3
Psychic TV - The Orchids.mp3

More mp3s and a more detailed post after my nap!

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