Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Turzi: Torches Of The Sun...

Turzi - Soloromano.mp3

Turzi are Parisian, fronted by guitarist, vocalist and namesake Turzi: relying on repetition, evocative arrangements and strong synth work to convey a spacey and airy 21st century vision of rock kosmische. The group released an album on RecordMakers, home to AIR and Sebastien Tellier. Can is an obvious touchstone throughout the EP - texturally and rhythmically, though where their unique soundscapes charted the macabre elements of the human psyche, one of kitschless paranoia, Turzi lace their songs with synths and rhythmic elements more common to early Klaus Schulz, or the more exubriant bits in the Cluster catalogue. I'm hopeful that we'll see the group on this side of the Atlantic in 2006, and I think that the material on this record (Made Under Authority) will come fully alive and soar in a live setting.

The above song (Soloromano) shares similarities here with Hawkwind's Opa-Loka (from Warrior On The Edge of Time), though the latter has less of a melodic focus and doesn't fall apart halfway through, its rhythm re-assembled and coupled with a rusty modulated synth-line. Listen to at a high-volume, and scoot over to the Record Makers website to listen to more and order the damn album.

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