Monday, December 26, 2005


So, bored out of my skull, I downloaded all of these podcasts, including four episodes of what is quite possibly the funniest radio program I've heard in the twenty-five lackadaisical, slack years I've been alive. The genius of having the character Carl explain the bizarre logic behind many of his hypothesises is evident after one listen, and he receives more licks than he deserves sometimes, the amount of thought he's put into his absurd worldview is astonishing. If you're really itching for a Hannukah present from me, or even, say, a Christmas present, well, this is all you're going to get, and Jesus, it might even be more than you're worth.

Laughter, what else is there? What have we to share? What jumps the chasm between generations with ease and provides delight for all ages other than the greatest and most human of all arts, comedy? Please, for your health and mine, visit the website of San Francisco's Coyle and Sharpe, where you can uncover relics of a bygone era, when wit served to create a stylistic wackiness. Download the Druggist mp3. Wonderful.

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