Monday, December 12, 2005


Some sort of bizarre border trouble has sent Blood On The Wall back to the US, so tonight's show at Sala Rosa will be a two-band bill - Psychic Ills and Feu Therese, for $5. See ya there.

Greg of Are You Familiar just put up a Best of 2005 list. In this case, we've picked the top Canadian Acts of 2005. Contributors are Greg (natch), Stuart Berman of the Eye Magazine, yours truly, and include an addenda by Jaimie at Daughters of Invention with her top 3.

A couple of groups on the list I'm not familiar enough with to really put them on my 2005 list, though I'm looking forward to whatever happens in 2006 - notably, MSTRKRFT, The Diableros, and The Paper Cranes, and a number that I was pushing for, but didn't make the cut - Et Sans, Think About Life, Anemones, Feu Therese, and some people I had no idea about, but will check out.

The Alternative List of Canadian Bands By A Few of The Other Canadian Bloggers


Anonymous said...

i cannot understand the paper cranes hysteria, as far as victoria bands are concerned, chet and frog eyes excluded, Shapes and Sizes are so obviously miles ahead of anyone else, it's almost nauseating. Mr. watts, get on the backs of Shapes and Sizes, write them a proper review, and go see them in march.

Greg said...

Shapes and Sizes are good. I'll have a write-up myself pretty soon, if Jay doesn't beat me to it. Between The Paper Cranes, Colourbook, and Shapes and Sizes, there are a lot of amazing upcoming bands in Victoria. The band-per-capita ratio is way off.