Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Upstairs Neighbours...

ECHO KITTY - Suzi.mp3

Where has the appreciation in 2005 been for Echo Kitty? Why so absent - critics, fans, music-lovers? There's been a considerable amount of attention concentrated on some very deserving acts that exist outside of either the Arcade Fire / Wolf Parade or Tiga/I Love NEON paradigms throughout the last half of this year - that is, Dandi Wind, We Are Wolves (who seem to receive more coin-tosses from the post-hardcore set, than the electro-types, though), Duchess Says, Call Me Poupee, but none for Xavier et co.

I received a bit of a tongue-lashing from Xavier around last year's Pop Montreal when I expressed my distaste for the name, but I think that one should be open to considering that the group is not receiving the attention they do truly deserve primarily because of that name. People are shallow, a rose would not be just as sweet, and so on. But I trust that you, good readers or at least occasional skimmers, will ignore that, give the above song a listen, and if in the hood, come and see them this weekend. It may help to think of the band's name as FRXCOBRA or EARTH OR JAPAN.

The song has one of the most sugary-hooks I've heard in a long time, a breathy that pops it's head up once and leaves me wanting and expecting a reprise. This is Indochine-esque pop awash in carefully chosen textures and crisp vocals, graciously lacking the stain of backwards-gazing irony.


ZOOBIZARRE, 6388 St-Hubert, 6$, 21h

  • True believers with musical talent may be interested to hear that Echokitty have put out a call for drummers and synth-players... Check the website for more details.

  • ...Toronto-watchers should check out Shack-Up's 1st Yr B-Day Party the night prior to the above show, hosted by Mikey Apples and Jaime of Daughters_of_Invention
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    Anonymous said...

    i have personally loved echo kitty for years and i just assumed they weren't getting the recognition they deserved because they sing in french...and therefore the market outside of quebec and france isn't going to latch on.
    - Mar