Friday, December 16, 2005

Hu Hu!

RD Burman, Asha Bhosle and Kishor Kumar - Lekar Ham Diwana Dil.mp3

If you see a drunk jerk such as the one picture above (hey, that's me!) tonight at The Green Room or tomorrow at Zoobizarre (for that Echo Kitty / Sean Kosa / Services triple-bill) in Montreal, come up and speak clearly into the microphone. Yeah, yeah, I'll be out shilling and drilling for the Pop Montreal Year-End Popcast, so I'll need album, show or band picks from 2005. Andrew Rose will be on the decks at the Green Room, along with Thomas Sontag, for the last Fondue night of 2005. Perhaps the new year will come complete with a new moniker (I love you, man, but melted cheese dip is not the most alluring name-sake for a night)...

Remember a couple of years ago when all those Bollywood comps were coming out? Ehh, vaguely, as I was working/hanging out on my weekends at Ditch Records in Victoria. Just prior to the release of Ghostworld, which must have felt like one hell of a back-hand to record nerds everywhere, and after all of them had ordered in every damn Morricone import available (and many not). I didn't really pay attention, which is kind of irksome to me, as over the past year it's been a constant staple in my listening diet. And no one plays this shit anywhere, possibly because they had an overkill of it a couple of years back. Anyway, another spectacular Burman/Bhosle coupling above, complete with those great orchestra hit tone-drops. Yessah!

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