Friday, December 09, 2005

SURGERY: The Nail In The Coffin of Post-Rock?

The Psychic Paramount - para.five

1.Two years ago I was recovering from a wicked hangover after a West End Vancouver evening, year ago, reading Tokion and drinking tea.


3.The Psychic Paramount - red-eyed, blood-curdling, galaxy-straddling, throwing down the psych-gauntlet. Nuances, maybe? Noo. I hear telecaster run through a fender twin reverb (is this some alternate universe incarnation of Scanners/Genius Pool?), brain-pan scooping, 12 year old stoner fantasies about slasher flicks and sci-fi worlds, low-flying combat helicopters... This is from their first studio album, the gargantuan Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural, which is about as stupid a title as all the free-association rambling I just typed above...

Christopher Taylor, National Gallery summer intern big-wig and AIDS Wolf-er, hosts an exhibition by Matt Moroz and Morag Kydd entitled Remote Viewing Of A UFO Safari tonight. According to Herr Taylor, there will be "beer, wine and girls." And, I assume, some sort of art?

The Blackboard Gallery
2222 Plessis (off of Sherbrooke east, souh of Parc Lafontaine)
More info at: 514.690.0252


Greg said...

Yo. The list is up. Checkit.

shepherdofsharks said...

my head just melted.

Greg said...

Oh yeah, and Tokion was totally still alright two years ago :) Now it falls into the same wanky played out catch-all as Res and Blackbook :(