Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bring Back Slow to Burn Records!

Daddy's Hands - Bastard You're A Hard Man To Love / Redman
Daddy's Hands - Granny's Gotta Eat

As I'm a cheap user, anyone referred to this site from editor Greg's alternative top 20 list looking for Daddy's Hands would find nothing. I wouldn't want to deprive anyone, or at the least, tease a couple of people, so here are a couple of mp3s from the (collective?) figure that cast such a large shadow. Lives have been touched!

The first is a track from the Group Therapy Explosion compilation, released way back last century by the sadly defunct Slow To Burn Records in Victoria, BC. If my memory serves me correctly, that's Johnny from Atlas Strategic on saxophone. You may be erroneously expecting an appearance by a Wu Tang personage. Not the case.

The second track is from an album recorded earlier this year, for release at some point in the future, let's all hope by a label with enough resources or enthusiasm behind them to give it the promotion that it so richly deserves. This month's Dave Wanger Fanclub Hotspot: Ypsilanti, Michigan.


moo3 Rodsnack said...

Daddy's Hands is floating around in various cities at the momment. Dave and I are in Montreal, Enjoying smoked meats, drawing with Keith Jones, and drinking beer with horrifyingly beautiful names.
Don't know what's taking so long to release our new album. We're already onto new stuff. I'd post a new song but can't figure out how on this.
ryan mm

Jay Watts III said...

Niiiiiiice, you can meet me and I'll post some shit. Who's releasing your stuff? E-mail at or call at 514-272-6493.


Anonymous said...

Booty Conniption.