Thursday, December 01, 2005

Losing Yr Vestiges

GEIGER - Cocain-e

A more alluring tribute to that deadly white rabbit or horse or dragon (whatever it may be) has never been penned. Maybe you've got to be rolling on a huge enough scale to make weekly trips in a charter jet to procur your supply to have your coke go down this smoothly - that soft falsetto, with tastefully strummed guitar chords and a bubbly, popping bassline, has nothing in common with the acrid taste of burning metal that pops up after you bring your head down for the second time, and especially nothing with the petrifying, paralyzing feeling of shame that keeps you in bed until 3 in the afternoon the next day, looking through the listings for a movie that's playing that'll keep you away from the terrifying ruminations on your life, social setting, and how you don't know if anyone really and...... Oh well, one would imagine such a situation arising. I've heard stories.

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MEL said...

I love this track.
Thank you....