Thursday, July 14, 2005

Silver Canines, Bronze Lupids.

The Golden Dogs - Bird Song.mp3

Just a quick post today, things are busy. This is a short, sweet and sugary blast of power-pop from Our Nation's Capital. The band's called The Golden Dogs, which makes me think of duck-hunting, but on the strength of this track I'll put my reservations aside. Birdsong is the first song from their most recent album, and though the album's focus is a bit murky (some strange genre-jumping), what with all these
iPod shuffles hanging around, that shouldn't irritate the modern music fan. Incidentally, the day after I got all excited about this band, I saw an acquaintance on the bus and she mentioned that she had seen them play with The Lovely Feathers at the Green Room here in Montreal, and that they were quite good. Maybe they'll play Pop Montreal? (YES! - ed.)

STRANGELY ENOUGH: I just found out that The Golden Dogs will be playing tonight in Montreal at... The Green Room, 5386 St. Laurent. Creepy!


ryan catbirdseat said...

Thanks, J-Dubs, I've been looking to get an mp3 of them for awhile; their site only seems to have streaming-type stuff, which sucks.

Anonymous said...

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