Monday, July 18, 2005

Afternoon Delight

Paul Simon - Kodachrome.mp3
Broadcast - I Found The F.mp3

A couple of tracks for the lazy and too-humid afternoon. Paul Simon reveals a predeliction for product placement way before McDonalds was paying hip-hoppers to mention Big Macs, and the Broadcast song is the first cut from their forthcoming album, Tender Buttons.

I have this theory that the perfect daycare record is Paul Simon's Graceland. I'm sure there's a whole whack of issues surrounding cultural appropriation and exploitation, that maybe some Sowetto sopranos were paid peanuts and are now dying penniless in some shanties on that, the sketchier side of Johannesburg, and I can take or leave the title track, preferring the bombast of You Can Call Me Al and the accompanying video starring Chevy Chase, but that's all irrelevant to the main point - that children, good children who grew into responsible and sensible adults have been raised to this album, and many more should be.


Optimus said...


I am of the firm opinion that Graceland is one of the best records ever made. And that politics aside, it is best when somebody forces Ladysmith Black Mambazo to stop drifting into Western gospel music.

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